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People decide to learn meditation for a variety of reasons. Some learn meditation to relax and relieve stress, while others learn meditation to be more productive and gain better results at work or school. Many learn meditation to lose weight or cure addictive behaviors like smoking, alcohol or non prescribed drugs and others learn meditation to alleviate many stress related illnesses. Some learn meditation to find inner peace and happiness, while others want to be more in touch with their spiritual self.

Celebrities, professional sportspeople and many successful business people are enjoying wonderful benefits because they decided to learn meditation. Many employers are creating greater profits by providing courses for their employees to learn meditation.

Statistics show that people who practice meditation have shown marked improvements in their mental and physical health. Clinical studies show that meditation helps lower blood pressure, reduces anxiety, cures insomnia, lowers blood pressure and respiratory rates. It is because of these findings that more and more doctors are recognizing the therapeutic benefits of meditation and are suggesting that their patients learn meditation.

There are many different types and techniques for people who decide to learn meditation.
The costs vary considerably. Some companies offer a sample C.D. or download for you to test before you purchase the whole course while others offer a course to learn meditation with a full money back guarantee.  You can learn with movements such as Transcendental Meditation but be aware that you can pay as much as $1000 to learn meditation with TM.

Project-meditation.org are giving free courses away to learn meditation and both beginners who want to learn meditation and people who are experienced with meditation are excited and causing a buzz on various forums.
Whichever course people choose to learn meditation, the people who are achieving the most amazing results are the ones who are incorporating meditation into their daily lives.

Even 10 minutes a day can make such a difference.

By Jane Adams

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