How Does Meditation Work

“How does meditation work?” I asked many years ago when I was interested in understanding meditation more. “How does meditation work?” the guide repeated. “Everybody asks me how does meditation work and I ask, how does electricity work?  Most of us don’t know how electricity works but we still use it.” Ahaaa.
Some time later I was enlightened and realized the guide was only trying to keep my lesson simple and I also learned that meditation works differently with everyone. However I realize most people expect answers especially us western people and that is what you will learn as you read on.

Meditation is a great way to increase your overall health, and that has been proven in many various studies.
When you use mantra meditation, you are creating a sound such as “om”, “ah”, or “hum” to help you in your meditation. Many people believe that mantra meditation holds some kind of spiritual meaning. That spiritual meaning could be a connection with something or someone else when chanting the word or sound. For example, if you are chanting the sound “om” is said to be connected to your body, the sound “ah” is said to be connected to your speech, and “hum” is said to be connected to your mind. Therefore, when you practice the mantra “om” when you are meditating you should feel more connected to your body, and so on. The mantra meditation can also be seen as poetic or even symbolic. There is a certain mantra meditation known as the Avalokitesvara meditation where you repeat the words, “Om mani padme hum: which is roughly translated to “Hail to the Jewel in the Lotus”. Some people believe that the jewel represents wisdom, and the lotus represents compassion. So, in this Avalokitesvara meditation you should feel more connected to wisdom and compassion.

Mantra meditation helps you to focus all of your energy on one or more key parts of your body, mind and soul. The end result should be a heightened knowledge and control over those key parts of your body, mind and soul. Mantra meditation is a form of concentration that helps you to keep your mind at rest while focusing on what you need to. The longer you practice, the better you will be able to clear your mind of other needless thoughts and focus on your particular mantra.

Transcendental meditation also helps bring your mind to a clearer and more focused state, both when in meditation and out of meditation. Transcendental mediation is practiced by over six million people all over the world, and is learned from trained professionals, so it is taught in the same way no matter where you live.  You may also try the free course available at this website.

Whichever course people choose to learn meditation, the people who are achieving the most amazing results are the ones who are incorporating meditation into their daily lives.
Even 10 minutes a day can make such a difference.
Scientific research has shown that both Mantra meditation and Transcendental meditation have great health benefits.  Some of the benefits you can experience from meditation include –

·           Increased Intelligence
·           Decrease in Insomnia
·           Increased Personal Development
·           Decreased Stress and Anxiety
·           Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Related Deaths
·           Lowered Blood Pressure
·           Easier to Focus and Concentrate
·           Reduced Risk for other Diseases and Illnesses

The benefits of practicing meditation regularly are vast. The best part of meditation is that anyone can learn how to do it, and it can be learned at almost any age.
How does meditation work and benefit so many people?  Simply by incorporating it into their daily lives.

By Kelly Cramer