Mr. Jones wanted to build his son a swing set and needed help but didn’t want to ask a favor or bother anyone.

Then he realized something that left him speechless…

Mr. Jones slaved away each and every evening after work and grew tired and irritable causing concern for his wife.

“You’re working so hard,”

she said.

“Wasn’t our neighbor, Mr.Williams, a carpenter when he was young? Couldn’t you ask him for help?”

Mr. Jones replied…

“But Mr. Williams has done enough work in his life. I wouldn’t want to bother him.”

So Mr. Jones kept working, until finally the swing set was finished, and he set it up in the backyard.

A few days later, Mr. Jones went outside and found Mr. Williams gazing at the swing set.

“Hi, Mr. Williams. How do you like the new swing set?”

Mr. Williams replied.

“Oh, it’s absolutely wonderful Mr. Jones. I built something like that for my son many years ago.”

His eyes looked sad, and Mr. Jones remembered that Mr. Williams’ son had moved far away for a new job in the city.


its ok to ask a favor

“I wish you had told me you were building it,”

Mr. Williams said.

“Your son is a good boy. I would have loved to help you do something nice for him.”

They chatted for another minute, and Mr. Jones went inside, realizing for the first time that Mr. Williams was lonely.

MORAL of the story:

Don’t be afraid to ask a favor to the people around you – an act of kindness is a joy to both the giver and the receiver.

Doesn’t it just make you stop, think and realize the importance of relationships and working together?

In times of need, we often feel we must go it alone but it doesn’t have to be that way.

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For one reason or another, many of us dislike asking for help, even when we are in desperate need of it. Perhaps we don’t want to be a burden or we have a hard time leaving ourselves vulnerable and open to rejection. But more often than not, when we ask for help, we can actually give others a sense of worth and value.

In the case of Mr. Williams, being asked to participate would have been a truly fulfilling experience for him.

Are there people in your life that would love to lend a helping hand?

There are plenty of people who are willing to help you in whatever way they can – your partner, brother, sister, parent, friend, colleague, or even a personal coach. Everyone can offer something of value, whether it is an expertise, experience, or an all important ‘ear’.

In fact, if only you choose to allow others into your life, there may be a loved one who joyfully carries your burden with you, lightening your load, and offering you comfort.

dont be afraid to ever ask a favor

Good ol’ Mr. Williams was ready and willing to offer his expertise as a carpenter, but Mr. Jones didn’t ask. He was afraid to!

Mr.Jones didn’t want to ask a favor and bother him, but hadn’t realised that Mr. Williams would have been more than happy to help. In fact, it meant more to Mr. Williams than Mr. Jones could have ever imagined.

We will all, at some point, need help. Knowing when to ask a favor and understanding why you need help is ultimately the most important thing.

Whether it’s as small as asking someone else in the home to empty the dishwasher or as big as asking for a lift somewhere, it all begins with accepting that you truly are worthy of receiving help from others.

Today… Stop thinking you have to do everything yourself.

You don’t and you shouldn’t have to.

When you accept help, it’s safe to say that the job gets done quicker, leaving you with more time to get back to doing whatever really inspires you.

By involving others, you just may be giving them a deeper meaning and self-worth and the joy you bring to others will be returned to you!

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