“If you gave your inner genius as much credence as your inner critic, you would be light years ahead of where you now stand” – Alan Cohen

Before opening your eyes in the morning, in the half-awake, half-asleep twilight state, have you ever noticed that your mind can generate creative solutions to challenges you’ve been struggling with?

Or ten minutes into your morning shower, have you ever experienced a stream of Einstein-like thoughts and ideas that make so much sense in that moment?

all too often we jump right into the daily to-do list

These are the times to let your imagination and creative thinking run wild. Indulge in your mind’s natural inner genius! These moments really are where your inner magic resides.
The trouble is, all too often, we talk ourselves out of what we’ve been imagining (believing these creative solutions to be unrealistic and possibly even irresponsible) and we jump right into the daily to-do list, worries, and mental rehearsal of what we’re going to do that day.

We don’t pause anywhere near enough to give our minds this wonderful free-flow of amazing ideas. And that’s too bad because without the constraints of the ‘logical mind’, we can think up the best solutions, create, and even learn.

Before we talk about getting into our natural state of inner genius where both hemispheres of the brain are at peak performance, it’s important to know the theories behind the left-brain/right-brain functionality.

And why some people are more open to free-flow creativity while others are more linear and analytical thinkers.

A brief history:

Much of the left-brain/right-brain specialization theory comes from the examination of patients, who had damage to one hemisphere of the brain. The resulting challenges they experienced afterwards was what was assessed.

For example, language is believed to be a left-brain function since patients who had damage to that hemisphere, had trouble or even inability to express themselves verbally.

In general, current research supports the theory that the right-brain is better at:

left-brain/right-brain functionality

  • Expressing and reading emotions
  • Copying designs
  • Reading facial expressions
  • Understanding geometric properties
  • Music
  • Understanding of metaphors

The left-brain is better at:

  • Language skills
  • Time sequence processing
  • Skilled movement
  • Logic

Some people are naturally more analytical, while others are more creative. That does not mean that they are thinking only with half of their brains!

It simply means that they have developed a preference for one type of thinking.

When you stimulate your “inner genius” and fully engage in both types of thinking, the ability to think outside the box and live a better quality of life will be enhanced beyond measure.

Why? Because when approaching a new situation with your habitual thinking, it makes it very difficult to generate new ideas or solutions.

Your thought patterns travel down the same neural pathways in your brain the same way they always have done, leading to the same conclusions as before.

Thinking in new ways requires the creation of new connections within the brain and the breaking of old patterns.

Imagine merging ‘how your left-brain organizes what exists’ and ‘thinking in a linear sequential fashion’. Then add to that the belief and imagination required to see (in your mind) what can be and creating nonlinear associations and connections.

Check out these quick and easy exercises that will help you integrate the functions of your brain’s hemispheres and strengthen your less dominant thinking styles:

1. Meditate

Meditation has been proven to increase the size of the brain’s grey matter and increase the speed of processing.

It helps you to be less reliant on logic and analytical thought and more open to the limit-LESS thinking that comes from pure imagination.

Just setting aside 15 minutes, every day to meditate (whether focusing on the breath, reciting a mantra, doing yoga or whatever your chosen practice is) will open up a whole new world of thought.

Herein, lies your own unique and tremendous inner genius! It’s where all your answers are and where you’ll find the most powerful you!

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2. Do Things With Your Non-Dominant Hand

Make a game of this one by trying to do everything with your non-dominant hand: brushing your teeth, using a knife and fork, turning pages in a book, petting the dog etc.

creating your inner geniusEvery time you break a dominant habit, you create new neural pathways (and this is a good thing).

This makes it easier for you to process your everyday behaviors using different types of thinking and also helps you come more into the present moment. This of course helps in freeing you from that intrusive mental chatter. The chatter that will often insist that an idea you have had is nonsense.

3. Engage Your Senses When You Visualize A Solution

What does your solution taste like? Smell like? Feel like? Sound like? Look like?

Imagine movement, imagine emotion, and imagine the process of creating a solution, including the fine motor skills, thoughts and sensations you have.

Really dare to imagine and watch your inner genius come alive!

4. Remove The Lines When You Doodle

Use colored markers and unlined paper to draw out your ideas.

The brain is more free to think “outside the limits” of lines, when there aren’t any! The right-brain thinks in color, and this will stimulate the flow of creativity.

5. Fill In The Details

When you’re thinking about the solution, jump ahead to the desired end result and work backwards by filling in the details of the ideal situation.

Visualize the features of the ideal situation, its benefits, and whatever your senses can perceive.

Then, let it go. Stop thinking about “how” you will achieve this ideal. Just let that percolate in your mind, and let the two hemispheres work together.

Keep in mind that the best ideas usually come when you aren’t thinking about a problem, but when you are fully immersed in something else, usually something repetitive, such as jogging, raking leaves, walking, doing the dishes, doing yoga, or sweeping the floor.

All of these repetitive activities naturally get you into an Alpha or Theta state of brain activity, where the natural cooperation of the brain’s hemispheres is enhanced.

In other words, it’s easy to attain this state when you are meditating, since these are all considered meditative practices.
Whether your meditation is seated or ‘active’, it enhances whole-brain thinking and unleashes that inner genius of yours!

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