Do you trust your intuition gives you good advice?

Do you listen to your inner voice?

Find out how attuned you are to your own intuition by taking this short quiz:

BUT just before you take the quiz, check out what Oprah means when she says… Listen to Life’s Whispers in this 2 minute video:

Question 1: Do you listen to your gut feelings when making an important decision?

Gut feelings are physical sensations you get, often in the stomach area but not always. They can include feelings of constriction, nausea, heaviness or weakness; by contrast, you may feel expansion, energy, lightness and strength.

Question 2: Do you act on what inspires and moves you, or do you make decisions according to what’s “practical” and “reasonable” or advised by authority figures?

For example taking a high-paying job that you know will bore you to tears. Your doctor gives you a treatment that feels intuitively wrong, do you get a second opinion/question or agree with the doctor and proceed with the treatment, trusting that the doctor knows best.

Question 3: Do you feel the ‘vibe’ from other people and make a point of staying away from those people whose ‘vibe’ drains you or makes you feel uncomfortable? Or do you tend to attribute those uncomfortable feelings to something else?

Question 4: Do you receive intuitive messages in dreams – and act on them?

Question 5: Are you aware of your body’s early-warning symptoms, such as fatigue and feeling “off” or do you ignore these signals and soldier on until the symptoms are full-blown?

Trust Your Intuition

Most importantly, do you act on the advice, counsel or direction from other people even if it feels completely wrong to you?

On the surface, logic can seem to offer the best choices, especially if those choices are validated by someone you respect and trust – such as taking a job because of a fabulous paycheck (at the urging of your spouse perhaps).

If however your inner voice is screaming “don’t do it” and you take the job, chances are very high that the outcome is not at all going to be what you wanted. Ridiculously high stress, outrageously long hours and unfulfilling work are often prices you may have to pay for financial gain.

When it comes to advice, be sure to take it as something to consider, but not as the ONLY possible approach.

Nobody has the same background, perspective, goals or experience as you do. Nobody can chart your course for you – if they think they are doing you a favor, they’re not. They’re just projecting their own beliefs, limitations, expectations and desires on you. That won’t work for anyone! You will fail to live up to their expectations, and you will resent having your life mapped out for you by someone else.

Discover How To Be More
Intune With Your Intuition

Recognize your intuition through the practice of meditation…

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When you meditate, you learn to trust yourself. You become very aware of emotional and physical sensations that signal that you’re not making the best choices for YOU. You become attuned to the inner voice that can come as physical sensations, flashes of insight, urges, words or images, or through the often weird symbolism of dreams. And then, when you combine logic with your own intuitive guidance, you will start making the very best decisions that are aligned with your dreams of what life should be like.

Next time you’re faced with a big decision, meditate on it.

Use “decision A” as your point of focus and become aware of your physical sensations and other guidance such as described above. Then, change your mind.

Now, shift your focus to “decision B” and again become aware of your physical sensations and any other guidance you may receive.

One of these decisions will feel overall GREAT and the other… not. You won’t go wrong if you listen to your inner teacher and guide!

Another’s mind is not walking your journey… YOU are!

Free 8 Minute Deep Meditation

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