What are the ‘real’ benefits of Classical music?

Do you remember years ago when many believed in the “Mozart Effect” – where playing Mozart’s music to a baby would make the baby smarter?

Is there really any truth to this?

It turns out the Mozart Effect was only partly true (spatial intelligence did increase 34% among 3 and 4 year olds who had 8 months of private piano lessons – but general IQ did not increase).

There are however a number of very interesting and important benefits of Classical music we’d like to share with you.

1. Classical Music Lowers Blood Pressure.

The soothing effect of music has been shown to help the cardiovascular system relax from stress.

Of course not all music, and not even all classical music, will have this effect. Some pieces are intended to be quite rousing; but choosing a slow, repetitive and melodic composition to listen to, can help you relax deeply. Read the full studies here.

2. Classical Music Boosts Creativity.

Music creates a wonderful exploratory state as the music transports you to imagined scenes and situations.

one of the benefits of classical music is enhanced creativityEach composition tells a story, and it’s up to you, the listener, to interpret the story in your own way.

Interestingly, both classical music fans and heavy metal fans have been shown to be more creative than people who listen to other types of music.

3. Classical Music Eases The Symptoms Of Depression.

People have been using music since the dawn of mankind, to elicit emotional responses. Some music can energize you, and some can calm you. Some depresses, and some uplifts. Choosing music that makes you “happy for no reason” is a simple way to lift your mood anytime you’re blue.

Since depression and pain often go hand-in-hand, listening to classical music can help you manage pain while elevating your mood, and this applies to both physical pain and emotional pain (such as death of a loved one). Read more here.

4. Classical Music Increases Brain Power.

Music creates a highly focused learning state in which information is easily absorbed.

When information is learned while listening to rhythm and melody, these musical elements provide a hook for fast and easy recall.

Many top performers (whether in athletics, the arts, business, etc.) use music to prime themselves for peak performance, and to stay focused. Read more here.

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5. Classical Music Improves Mental Alertness And Memory.

When you listen to background music you activate a state of super learning.

You enter a relaxed and highly receptive state of brain activity that is perfect for absorbing and processing new information (and then, because you’re relaxed, it’s easier to retrieve the information).

Classical music with soothing instrumentals can improve your quality of sleep, so you have more energy to do your best each and every day.

6. Classical Music Improves Mood And Productivity.

You know that when you are happy, you are more focused, energized and productive (unlike those awful times when you’re sad or super stressed, when your racing mind won’t let you have a moment’s peace and whatever you’re working on seems less important than the thing that has your attention).

Studies report you can accelerate the speed at which you perform tasks, and increase your accuracy, when you have classical music playing in the background.

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