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How Well Do YOU Sleep?

We need sleep to stay healthy, and to be alert and function at our best during the day. A typical good night’s sleep requires going through a series of sleep cycles every night. It varies from individual to individual but a normal sleep cycle usually takes around 95 minutes to complete before it begins all over again. But each sleep cycle is different in one very critical way... The time you spend in the Delta wave level decreases with each successive cycle. To understand why this is important and the impact it can have on your health and well-being check out todays blog post...

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Sleeping While Meditating - Is It Okay?

Sleeping While Meditating – Is It Okay?

"Is it OK to fall asleep when I meditate?" I get this question a lot, and the answer is… yes, and no. In some respects, the fact that you fall asleep is good because you obviously need the rest. If you feel that you are dozing off and you’ve been lacking sleep, go for it. Sleep is important and if you’re mindful of the times of day you meditate (at higher energy times) and you’re still falling asleep, you’re in sleep debt and it’s good to catch up. BUT… don’t call it meditation. Call it a nap.

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