Rise above

Rise Above It And Don’t Let Them Drag You Down!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that causes you intense stress? A classic example is feeling stuck in a job you hate, surrounded by people you don’t resonate with, all for the sake of a nice paycheck. The good news, as Dr Michael Bernard Beckwith reveals in this video is that you can change how you have been dealing with this easily, enabling the new you to rise above other people’s bad energy...

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Low Self-Esteem

Feed Your Mind, Boost Your Self-Esteem

It’s been said that low self-esteem is the #1 reason people fail to achieve success. It all boils down to the powerful way that the emotion of low self-esteem influences your behaviors. You’re less likely to even try, if you think you’re not good enough. And you’re more likely to quit, if you don’t believe you can overcome the obstacles in your way. But you are worthy, and you are amazing...

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