Mindfulness Meditation and Metta

Mindfulness Meditation And Metta…

Mindfulness Meditation and Metta... Buddhism teaches us that mindfulness is a way to live happily and peacefully. What is mindfulness? Being mindful means the opposite to having a “mind full” of random thoughts that are usually focused on the past or the future. Rather, it’s being fully in the present moment. Any thoughts you do have, are “here” and “now.”

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Rise above

Rise Above It And Don’t Let Them Drag You Down!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that causes you intense stress? A classic example is feeling stuck in a job you hate, surrounded by people you don’t resonate with, all for the sake of a nice paycheck. The good news, as Dr Michael Bernard Beckwith reveals in this video is that you can change how you have been dealing with this easily, enabling the new you to rise above other people’s bad energy...

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Back Pain Joint Ache

Can You Relieve Joint Pain With Meditation?

If you suffer from chronic pain such as arthritis, have you ever asked yourself if it's possible to relieve the joint pain with meditation? Could it be a way to help manage your pain so you can enjoy life again? How could something as simple as “sitting and doing nothing” relieve your aching joints?

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Why Multitasking Isn’t All It Seems

Have we fallen into a trap of believing that doing just one thing at a time is a luxury and that we ought to be producing more with our time? Whilst it may appear that multitasking gets more things done quicker, the reality couldn't be any further from the truth. Studies are actually showing...

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