The Secret to Building Good Habits

The Secret To Building Good Habits

It’s been said that habits drive our results - that what we do most often, shapes our circumstances. Many of us know that we have bad habits such as eating out of boredom or procrastination. These are important because they are not aligned with our highest desires. Equally important are the positive habits that have gotten us our successes...

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The Secret Brilliance of Conscious Goals

The Secret Brilliance Of Conscious Goals

Having the right kind of goals can make the difference between success and frustration. How many times have you set goals that you weren’t really enthusiastic about, just because you felt pressured to set some New Year’s resolutions? Those kinds of goals are virtually impossible to achieve, and worse, the whole process feels like an awful chore...

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The Project Meditation Way To Happiness

Wayne Dyer – 12 Steps To Happiness

Humans can be called happiness seekers. We do all kinds of things that we believe will make us happy. Some of these things are positive, some are not, but in the end, we do everything for one purpose: to be happy. Dr. Wayne Dyer states twelve steps to happiness that we agree are absolutely essential, and he explains them in greater detail in...

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