Have you ever found yourself in a situation that causes you intense stress?

You want to rise above it, yet you don’t know how to get out of it?

A classic example is feeling stuck in a job you hate, surrounded by people you don’t resonate with, all for the sake of a nice paycheck.

The good news, as Dr Michael Bernard Beckwith reveals in this video is that you can change how you have been dealing with this easily, enabling the new you to rise above other people’s bad energy.

Michael encourages us to spend some invaluable time in introspection.

Take a look at your own situation where you feel at the mercy of other people’s negativity.

Are you are already looking ahead?

Do you already have one foot out the door?

If so, this means that you feel in your heart that you’re meant for something better and that something is already waiting for you.

Rise Above and Be Positive

We are encouraged to ask ourselves: “What is trying to emerge through me?”

Michael also explains that one key element to helping us rise above other people’s negativity is to become genuinely uninterested in it.

In other words, instead of absorbing their energy by giving attention to it, you can radiate positive, high-vibrating energy and so influence them!

Here is an easy meditation you can practice whenever you’re feeling like you’re being dragged down by others negativity.

Love is the single most powerful force in the Universe and this meditation will help you expand it, as a way to radiate positivity onto everyone around you.

Keep Your Head When All About You Are Losing Theirs

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If you like to meditate with your eyes open, use a single candle as your point of focus. If you like to meditate with your eyes closed, imagine a candle.

Focus on the flame, and imagine that it is a flame of love.

Know that when you share the flame – the love – it does not diminish.

Instead, it grows and grows and grows.

From one flame, you can light an infinite number of candles.

Candle Rise AboveFeel the light and warmth of this single flame light every cell in your body. Allow the voices of doubt and fear to subside as the light enters the deepest, darkest places within you.

If you have any questions, ‘ask’ them of the flame, and let them go. Allow the light and warmth to keep expanding … more and more … beyond your physical body, so that it touches the lives of everyone around you.

This quiet peaceful space within is like a shield against negativity. It’s a safe space, where you can get answers to your questions and let people’s negativity dissipate in your own inner light. This isn’t of course always going to be so easy and will require practice but within a short space of time, you’ll be able to easily and effortlessly rise above the most negative of people and situations.

Whenever you feel that the world is getting to you, remember the candle meditation. It’s something you can do anytime, anywhere, and practice it daily to spread the positivity of love and drive out the darkness of negativity.

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