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Check Out What This Amazing Guy, Kevin Murphy (who's severely deaf) From Perth Has To Say About LifeFlow Audio Technology...

"I am still now probably ten years later using LifeFlow with great results"

I sincerely thank all you good people at [email protected] for your support and quick response to all inquiries both direct and on the blog where so much information is to be found as answers to questions about the LifeFlow products, and all the information and instructions on your site at www.project-meditation.org about how to use your many products. I have used all of these methods and found them very helpful to get the results I was looking for.

I started meditating on and off back in the 1980’s but felt that I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted. Therefore, I was looking for some way to help me further on with meditation and in that effort tried many things. Eventually that led me to the Holosync Solution on CDs (by Harris I believe), Focus, Mind Aerobics and more, all of which helped me along for a time but I still wanted more and kept looking.

I think it was around 2005 that I came across LifeFlow on the Internet. Immediately I was impressed by the information to be had on the site, the explanations about how meditation works with different brain-wave states and last but not least instructions on how to use LifeFlow to make further progress with meditating.

Right away I decided to take a chance and purchase the ten levels of LF even though it would take me almost a year to go through them from no. 10 to 1. As soon as I had tried the first level (highest) I felt peaceful and calm and was sure that this was what I wanted to continue with.

I have to admit that at times I was impatient and wanted to jump ahead of myself by not taking a full month with each level and telling myself that I was already advanced enough to do so. However, I did neither skip a step nor jump ahead too quickly. I am still, now probably ten years later, using LifeFlow with great results. I have of course added other LF products and now have the following tracks which I have bought at different times:

  • LifeFlow (tracks 10-1)
  • A perfect Day (3 tracks)
  • Awaken
  • Nirvana
  • Classical Magic
  • Creative Flow
  • Optimal Learning
  • Discover Meditation (8 tracks)
  • Guided Meditations (20 tracks)
  • Midnight Express
  • Sleep Easy Solution (4 tracks – my most recent purchase)
  • (some intro and instruction tracks)

I’m still using all of these alternating as I find the need and use each when I feel it will help me, i.e. Optimal Learning when I need to memorize or learn something, Creative Flow when I need to do some creative writing, Awaken and Nirvana when I want to meditate deeply and so on.

So I can truly say that this has had quite an impact on my life ever since I started with LifeFlow 10-1 which I’m still using with all the rest. As I write this Classical Magic is playing in the background.

Please keep creating new products to improve people’s lives which this world really needs today.

"The remarkable thing is that not only has my meditation practice transformed but so has my life"

I'm 58 years old and have been a very frustrated meditator for over 30 years. I have studied many different forms of meditation over the years from Mindfulness, Shamata, Primordial sound, T M and on and on.

I have felt like such a failure in my meditation practice as I never seemed to be able to tame my monkey mind and would feel more agitated after meditation than before. I never gave up as I believed in the power of meditation.

I found LifeFlow about 8 months ago and thought, here I go again, throwing my money away on something else that won't work for me. Well… I couldn't have been farther from the truth. Within a week of starting the program I found myself deep in the "zone". The 40 minutes fly by so quickly I find myself longing for more- in the past 20 minutes was torture for me. I come out of my sessions so relaxed and at peace.

The remarkable thing is that not only has my meditation practice transformed but so has my life. I have been quite stuck in many areas of my life which have gracefully opened up as I follow this program. I am so grateful that I took a chance on LifeFlow. I finally found a way in to the beauty and joy from a deep meditation practice.

Shanti, peace.


"The peace I am gaining from more consistent practice is like no other"

I would like to say that I was a little skeptical at first that a modern product could live up to the testimonials and have a positive impact on my life. But as the initial sample download was free I thought I would give it a try.

With Project Meditation you just know, deep down, you can trust and that is something that enables you to relax, open up and enjoy the many varied wonderous benefits of LifeFlow itself.

"I would recommend LifeFlow Meditation to ANYONE at ANY age"

It has been six months since I have started using the LifeFlow Meditation program. I have done work with transtherapy and other meditation programs like Holosync in the past, but nothing has quite worked as well as this program.

I truly felt the anxiety and stress melt from my body and mind after only a week. I have also found myself more able to handle stressful situations without problem; my tolerance level is much higher. But most amazingly, I have been able to use meditation to start eating things I've been alergic to since childhood again for the FIRST time.

I would recommend LifeFlow Meditation to ANYONE at ANY age. I use it with my preschoolers at nap time and they are always more calm and relaxed when they wake up, even my child with ADHD.

Meditation is a powerful tool all on its own, but add the right frequency to align your body and mind and you'll be amazed, like I was, at the miraculous transformations that can take place.

Jessica Drollette
Jessica Drollette Moscow Idaho, USA

"There are special things about this program that place it in a category all of its own"

I found Michael's website in the early days of the development of LifeFlow and was extremely excited by his attitude, knowledge, and the potential of this new technology.

There are many excellent programs that are somewhat similar and base their methods on such things as the binaural beat system and stereo headphone listening. While LifeFlow could be considered one of these, there are special things about this program that place it in a category all of its own.

One real difference is the recordings themselves. They seem just a bit more powerful than the competition. Over the past few years, I've been drawn to certain files that instantly place me in a meditation state that I find to be extremely beneficial. One is able to begin with this meditation almost immediately and see real results in a relatively short amount of time. And, the more one puts into the program, the more dramatic the results will be. It's a privilege to be part of LifeFlow.

Bruce Speakman
Bruce Speakman Ft. Mohave, Arizona, USA

"It’s like a magic protective bubble surrounds me. I plan to listen to LifeFlow for the rest of my life"

I am a former Holosync user. I listened to it off and on for ten years. The reason why I stuck with Holosync was because it seemed to clear a lot of stuff from my life. However, things would get really bad before they got really good. To ease the pain from overwhelming feelings that were coming up, I would distract myself. I spent hours watching television. I binged on junk food. I finally decided it just was not worth it.

Victoria Wilson
Springfield, USA

I decided to see if there was another brain entrainment program I could use. That is how I found LifeFlow. I read all the testimonials on the forum. It seemed promising, however, I was a little suspicious because of the low price compared to Holosync and the fact that I could finish the series in 10 months as opposed to Holosync which would take me over a decade to complete. I decided to give LifeFlow a try though. You never know unless you try for yourself!

Anyway, I started my LifeFlow journey on Sunday, July 12, 2015. When I went to work the next day, my boss told me I had a sparkle in my eye. I know that sparkle was from LifeFlow. I have faithfully listened to LifeFlow everyday for a minimum of one hour since then. I have not skipped a day!

The changes in my life are pretty dramatic. First and foremost, I have never had peace of mind. When I was not thinking, I was daydreaming. This was all very unconscious. These days, I do not have unconscious thoughts. I have not daydreamed in months. I spend most of my time living in the present! The silence in my mind is amazing. My negative emotions have dropped away too. I used to have a huge problem with being jealous. I do not have that problem anymore. I used to feel ashamed of who I was. Now, I am pretty happy with who I am. I used to be focused on external appearances. Now, I am more concerned with my inner life.

I am in my second year of law school. In my first year, without LifeFlow, my grades were A’s, B’s and C’s. This year, with LifeFlow, my grades are A’s and B+’s. Starting with LifeFlow level 3, I increased my listening time from 1 hour to 1 hour and 40 minutes. The extra 40 minutes have taken things to the next level. My food cravings have disappeared. I have a problem with food. I used to spend my time thinking about my next meal. I used to binge on junk food. As such, I had problems with my weight. Now, I no longer have cravings. I no longer have a desire to eat junk food. As such, my weight has been dropping pretty quickly.

Also, I do not procrastinate as badly as I used to. Since listening to LifeFlow, I have noticed that people are nicer to me. People seem to like me much better. Also, my thoughts, when I have them, seem to manifest almost instantly.

Anyways, I am sure I am forgetting something. I really do not have the words to describe how happy I am with LifeFlow. This testimonial does not do LifeFlow justice.

Have you ever had a day where things just seem to go your way, where you can do no wrong? That is my life on LifeFlow. It’s like a magic protective bubble surrounds me. I plan to listen to LifeFlow for the rest of my life.

What Doctors Are Saying About
LifeFlow Audio Technology...

"I bought the whole LifeFlow series and I have never regretted that decision"

I've been practicing meditation for 32 years, starting with TM in my 3rd year of medical school. I became aware of brain wave entrainment just over a year ago and came across LifeFlow while I was on level 1 of another programme.

The LifeFlow package looked like more advanced technology and cost less than the one I was using. I knew I was enjoying what I was experiencing with the other programme so I bought the whole LifeFlow series and I have never regretted that decision.

I use it most days and it is still a delightful surprise for me to enter the "zone" where my breath frees up and I literally bathe in the energy of life itself.

By "delightful surprise" I mean to bring attention to the ease and consistency of the experience. Ease in that it is such an easy thing to pop in some headphones, switch on the track, sit back or up or lie down and simply enjoy. Consistent in that the results are consistent, every time without fail my mind is gently led in the right direction till it is sitting firmly and comfortably into a nicely aware and peaceful space.

One other thing is for sure - this Christmas there will be more iPods in the house, as my wife has grown attached to it as well and I'd love my girls to have more regular access to it too.

It is superior brain-wave entrainment. It is also nice to be free from the earphones. The resulting restful sleep and relaxation remain unmatched to anything else that we've tried.

As a Clinical/Consulting Psychologist in private practice and agency consultation for over 40 years, I've been a lifetime supporter of meditation and have been grateful for the availability modern sound technology. I now present clients with alternatives, but most strongly recommend your product...

"LifeFlow actually does what it says it will do"

The excellent customer support, community website and the many, many free meditation tracks on all manner of topics makes this a truly outstanding program.

There are 10 separate meditations to the LifeFlow meditation program, each builds on the one before and each one is incredible. They even offer a free 14 minute sample which in itself is a powerful program and worth listening to when time is limited. The free 14 minute download from LifeFlow actually does what it says it will do, there was no push or hype to purchase the LifeFlow program and the cost of the program constant and does not go up.

LifeFlow Audio Technology
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Life Flow has enabled me to deal with very difficult situations over the past year. I have tried on numerous ocasions to...

Posted by Jacqueline Jackson on Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Sense starting the Life Flow free 14 minute demo about a week ago, my chronic back problem has been healing itself. I...

Posted by Rand Whitman on Friday, March 2, 2012

I am now into my 4th month with Life Flow, which I tried after having done Holosync for two years. Although Holosync...

Posted by Carletta Aston on Friday, 13 March 2015

Been using this for months and wonderfully boosting immune system.Feel great!

Posted by Saloni Noormamode on Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I just experienced the demo track available for immediate download. It was one of the best meditation tracks available. All of my chakras immediately awakened.

Posted by Eileen Machida on Saturday, 9 March 2013


Posted by Steve Curry on Sunday, 22 March 2015

Amazing! My little Yorkshire was nervous this morning, as small dogs often are. I played the LifeFlow demo on your...

Posted by Jiitenko Son on Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Project meditation is a boost to my regular meditation practice and l don't need any aid to achieve result, my mind and impulse are effective.

Posted by Celestine Asuquo on Saturday, 7 September 2013

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your lovely Meditation music...right now, I am only using the 8 min one. It is enough to get me centered for the day! Namaste.

Posted by Sylvana Albanozzo on Thursday, 27 June 2013

been with project meditation for a few yrs now,great site..love your meditations micheal.....

Posted by Kathleen Thompson on Monday, 17 December 2012

Wow. I normally wake up at least once, usually two to three times per night. I've used LifeFlow 10 three times over the...

Posted by Roberta Naujok on Wednesday, 18 September 2013

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"The program so far has been even better than the initial experience"

I am a first-time meditator and I'm lovin' it. Here's my story.

I had heard a lot about the benefits of meditation so one day; I decided to look it up. After searching around the internet I came across LifeFlow. I read up about it, and then I tried the free download that was offered on the site to help me make up my mind.

I put the download on my iPod and started meditating having no idea what to do, or what to expect.

After about ten minutes of meditating, the most amazing thing happened. I felt a wave of euphoric energy physically flowing over me.

It was a feeling of ecstasy and love. Words can't really describe how it felt though because it was so much more than just words. After that experience, I made up my mind to invest in the LifeFlow program.

The program so far has been even better than the initial experience.

I've experienced many benefits; I have increased concentration, I am more relaxed during stressful activities, and I feel I am a more loving person. All of these benefits and I've only been meditating for about 5 months. I can't wait to see what the future holds although I'm still enjoying every single step of the way.

My experience aside from the product has been extremely enjoyable as well. Michael Mackenzie (the creator) has been so incredibly nice to me. He responds so well to any question and concerns that you may have.

I really have a great respect for him and I can't thank him enough for everything he has done. Also, the forums that he has made for all of us meditators are amazing. It is a place of true friends all willing help each other out. Just about every single person on there seems to be a caring and loving individual. It's so great; I guess the reason for this is because we all meditate. I love everyone on there. I really enjoy reading all of the posts on there because they are all beneficial. Some posts are inspiring, some will teach you something you never knew before, and other posts are opportunities for you to help someone else out.

And basically that's it.

That's my story. Once again....THANK YOU MICHAEL.

Now, I'm off to meditate.

There's a brand new edition of LifeFlow coming soon!

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"Anxiety and Stess was relieved and I loved being able to advance and grow with program!"

I’ve been using LifeFlow for several year’s now… I came upon Project Meditation while searching the internet and immediately downloaded the free trial… and I was hooked!! I used that free trial for a few days and decided to invest in the entire program… it was perfect for me, not only was it affordable... I loved the technology. I had sever anxiety not to mention horrible sleeping habits from the stress! The first thing I noticed was my sleeping habits changed… no more struggling to fall asleep and I began sleeping like a rock! Anxiety and Stess was relieved and I loved being able to advance and grow with program!

If you struggle with quieting down your brain chatter and activity… this is absolutely the program for you… LifeFlow let’s you relax into it naturally and the results seemed immediate after just a few 40 minute sessions!

"After just a few weeks of listening to the LifeFlow sound tracks the results have been amazing"

I unfortunately don't seem to be able to learn new concepts well by reading and was really battling to get any sort of effect or results from my meditation attempts.

The area that I particularly struggled with is in being able to relax myself and especially my mind.

Well let me tell you that after just a few weeks of listening to the LifeFlow sound tracks the results have been amazing and I find that I can now get into a really relaxed state of mind within a few minutes and of course the rest will speak for itself. Thank you, most sincerely for a wonderful, wonderful gift.

"I day trade Forex for a living -- I don't lose money because I don't lose my mind"​

I have been with Project Meditation from the beginning, about a year or so. When I first started I was looking for something that would help me to relax. What I found was much more satisfying. I don't get the aggressive mood swings or deep depressions anymore. I even fixed my neck spasms just like that.

I use LIFEFLOW every morning to start my day. It helps me relax when I have to read all my mail and study the world markets. I tend to take in more detail and analyze data more critical and not so personal. I can now concentrate for hours where before I could only read two or three e-mails before I had to do something else.

I day trade Forex for a living and it can be a VERY stressful job at times, especially when things go wrong, that is when I need to stay calm and make logical decisions and keep emotion out of it.

I have found that if it all becomes too much, I just meditate for 5 - 10 minutes and I'm a new person. I don't lose money because I don't lose my mind!

Thanks to Michael and LIFEFLOW.

Arnoux Lombard
Arnoux Lombard Johannesburg, South Africa

My name is Lawrence Carroll and I am from Sydney Australia.

I have been using LifeFlow meditation now for about 6 months.

I have used other programs before but there are none which compare in sound to the rich 3 dimensional moving sounds of nature offered by LifeFlow.

The effect is always a deep state of peace and ease no matter what is happening within my mind or around me.

The beauty of listening to the meditations is knowing that whether I think I am having a good or bad meditation I am in fact having my brainwaves altered into the deeper and more functional brainwave types.

Also my family get to benefit from this daily practice. They are starting to see me more alive, energetic and even intelligent. I find I can cope more with situations that stressed me out before.

While I realize there is a long way to go I deeply appreciate this technology as more and more of us in this chaotic and stressful world need to access our inner depths and stability that can only be found through meditation.

Lawrence Carroll
Lawrence Carroll Sydney, Australia

"I was taking ADHD medication for a very long time and have stopped taking it, after consulting with my ADHD specialist"

Hi my name is Terry,

It has been almost ten years since I lit up my last cigarette, (nine and a half) and (eight years) since two PTSD Experiences, almost three years since my Major Depression. I ended up loosing almost everything, including my Life, because of what happened. I don’t know what it was but something kept telling me to hang on, I had something to live for, a purpose.

The PTSD and Depression gave me an experience of what life in Hell would be like and I really felt I was there living it. After over 30 years being a Professional Truck Driver and working in other industries, my ability to work anywhere came to an end. I drove over 3 million miles in my lifetime and witnessed so many horrific accidents; it took its toll on my mind. Some of the companies I worked for and employees had no respect for the well being of others and that tore me apart over time also. I prayed, hoped and wished my life would end; I could not take the pain anymore.

Over the past year ending my life has been getting farther from my mind. Have you ever seen the movie ground hog day? The thought of ending my life, then starting over again and again is one of the things that scared me. The reason being I really felt I was living in hell already and there is no escape, I would live this life over and over again.

I started seeing a therapist and experienced meditation for my first time in 2013. I remember him looking at the clock and thinking, is he like the others, just thinking about his time not me. I tried talking to people about how I was feeling and no one seemed to believe me. The hurt inside was real, I feared no one anymore, I was immortal and could not be killed as I was already dead.

My search for a better life began when; I did the move away from my past to a different part of the country. I am the type of person it seems, that needs to find his own answers. I was seeking mental help and one place said, I had to improve before they could help me. Having a mental illness and then trying to find help has to be one of the hardest things I had to do.

Project Meditation Support/LifeFlow; Jodie has listened to what I have been talking about and has been very supportive.

LifeFlow 10 was very hard for me because of a hearing disability caused at work. I also have Tinnitus ringing in the ears and it is very hard to cope with. I found that listening to LifeFlow 10 with my ear phones worked better when I went to bed at night.

Just over a year later, I now have hearing aids that corrected my hearing problems and I get the same effect without ear phones. I can now sit in my chair or lie in bed and totally relax while listening to LifeFlow 10.

I am dealing with PTSD, Depression, ADHD and my hearing problems. I have a long journey ahead of me and have had to start to learn how to live all over again. I have attended many mental health groups and other services, learning how to live a new life.

Now comes the mind & body. LifeFlow 10 has helped when it comes to my mind, being able to relax and concentrate when I am doing my course homework. I was taking ADHD medication for a very long time and have stopped taking it, after consulting with my ADHD specialist.

I am amazed at how, the emails I get from Michael every Wednesday, my one on one counseling and the mental health group I am attending all seem to be on the same page every week. LifeFlow 10, meditation, my 15 favorite things, my 25 dreams have given me a new purpose in life.

My Grandmother always told me I was a Good Boy. I am slowly finding that Good Boy she said I was. He was taken away from me a long time ago.

Blog Post Comments

"My grades have improved"

I started using LifeFlow a little over a year ago. I am in Nursing School, work 2 jobs and have a family. This translates to by the end of the day my patience begins to run very thin.

I have noticed since I have began using LifeFlow meditation that I am more patient with my family, patients at work and my grades have improved.

I use LifeFlow in the morning, before I get out of bed, usually at lunch in the car, and always at bedtime. This helps my stress level immensely and I am calm enough to go to bed at night.

I used to suffer from insomnia but this has helped with it and I almost never have a restless night.

I also began to have arthritis in my hands, the meditation does help me to be able to better deal with the pain that I have in my hands.

I have to say that I could type all day and not be able to list the wonderful things that meditation has given me. I am truly thankful that there is a program out there that has helped me with so many different aspects of my life, and thank you Micheal for creating it.

"I have been regularly using the LifeFlow Meditation tracks for over a year and have experienced great benefits to my health, mind set and general well being"

Can I be honest? In the past meditation had seemed either difficult, self indulgent or pointless. I can see now that this was completely false and due to my lack of knowledge or belief.

I have been regularly using the LifeFlow Meditation tracks for over a year and have experienced great benefits to my health, mind set and general well being.

Furthermore it seems like a lot of personal development and self improvement books I have been reading all recommend meditation as a method of clearing your mind and developing a closer relationship with your true self. In this way I am convinced it helps with goal setting and the whole Law of Attraction area.

I would recommend the LifeFlow Meditation method without reservation as a simple and easy way to begin.

Where other books or methods appear overly fussy and complicated this method is straight forward and works!

"My relationships have improved as I became a more open and understanding person"

It has been 6 months so far that I use LifeFlow and I can say I'm not searching anymore for a new meditation technique. Before I tried different methods: went to the yoga center for meditation classes but I didn't really feel anything had happened. Then I tried some meditation CDs but very often I had headaches and needed to stop my practice time to time.

Once reading my emails an advert came up that compared my meditation method that time with LifeFlow and immediately I understood why I had my headaches. I changed for LifeFlow and since then my meditations are very peaceful and deep.

And the benefits are even more spectacular. My relationships have improved as I became a more open and understanding person. Also, I can stand firm even in difficult situations. And most importantly, I attract life events and situations that I have been longing for so much. E.g. I always wanted to travel.

Emese Verdes
Emese Verdes Geneva, Switzerland

"I believe LifeFlow meditation has not only helped me to meditate but completely improved my life"

I can only begin to tell you how grateful I am to have found and experienced LifeFlow meditation. Firstly, I need to thank you for enabling me to meditate in less than a week - that is so fantastic I know but there is something else I just could not wait to tell you...

I can honestly say, since listening daily for the past 3 months to LifeFlow meditation, my life has completely changed for the better. The way I feel, act and react to situations and people is completely different - I feel so calm and in control of my thoughts and emotions.

I even seem to attract more kind and caring people into my life. My family say how more relaxed and happy I am. I believe LifeFlow meditation has not only helped me to meditate but completely improved my life!

Seriously, I am astounded and so very happy with all the changes I can only attribute to LifeFlow meditation.

Lindsay Baker
Lindsay Baker Kent, UK

"LifeFlow is one of the most powerful mind/spirit enhancement tools you will find anywhere"

I have been a meditator for many years and tried a large number of brainwave entrainment products, as well as countless other methods of self-improvement.

Based on my experience, I would have to say that LifeFlow is one of the most powerful mind/spirit enhancement tools you will find anywhere.

Why do I say this? Firstly, most brainwave entrainment companies use only one method of entrainment.

In contrast, I have experienced a much deeper meditative experience with LifeFlow, thanks to the powerful combination of 3 different entrainment methods.

Secondly, other self-improvement methods tend to be ineffective as they only scratch the surface. LifeFlow is a powerful aid in discovering one's true nature, which is the only way to lasting positive change in our life.

Each of the 10 levels uses a different nature soundtrack, which makes meditation time a very relaxing and pleasant experience. It's reassuring to have support available to answer questions, and there is a very friendly forum to share our journey with other LifeFlow meditators.

So what has LifeFlow done for me? I experience much less negativity these days, there is a natural feeling of joy and peace. I find it easier to relax, let go, and let life spontaneously unfold.

Best of all, thanks to an increased clarity and awareness, I am more often able to sense the stillness below all the activity of the mind. And that stillness is who we really are.

In conclusion, I am extremely grateful to have found a product that is truly life changing.

I believe that LifeFlow is one of the best investments you will ever make!

"When I started using LifeFlow, it was like I got on a meditation rocket ship"

I have been using the LifeFlow program everyday for almost 5 months now and I have noticed a dramatic change in my mental clarity and overall peacefulness.

Before starting with LifeFlow, I had been meditating regularly for 20 min per day and was seeing slow and steady improvement. When I started using LifeFlow, it was like I got on a meditation rocket ship.

I started seeing immediate results and having immediate breakthroughs.

It seems like with every new level, I get more and more benefits from the program. I am very grateful for finding LF and working with it on a daily basis.

"I get treated better by people I meet"

LifeFlow not only has helped me sleep better, but meditating with it taught me patience and I have a longer fuse with people so I don't get mad as easy as I used to before.

All the tracks that come with the different frequencies were really helpful to me losing weight and building more muscle (specifically LifeFlow 6 and 5).

My family is really proud of me and I get treated better by people I meet.

"I see life in a much better and beautiful way"

I read what you offer… read what the people say in the community… all of them were very positive about meditation and LIFEFLOW as the tool to learn and help you through entrainment waves to get to a deeper states of mind.

I ordered the program, followed the instructions and started meditating after a week. WOW!!!... excellent experience.

Michael, Thanks for helping me live a much happier life.

Improve Your Pets Well-Being And
Happiness With LifeFlow

"They benefit the canine population as well as humans!"

I bought your meditations and am enjoying them. One thing I liked is I can play them from a speaker and get some benefits (although I also use them with headsets.)

I have an elderly dog that has Cushing’s Disease (too many steroids!). Some of her symptoms are excessive panting and getting very anxious. I played the meditations and she raised her head, listened, and within ten minutes was relaxed and asleep. I thought maybe it was just coincidental, but I've since used the meditations on several occasions and she relaxed each time.

So, maybe you can let your readers know they benefit the canine population as well as humans!

Jeanne Riecss
Austin, TX, USA

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