Are you feeling frazzled and on-edge?

Do you come home after a stressful day and find it hard to unwind completely – or feel that you need a drink to help you relax?

Here’s a technique called autogenic training, that will help you relax. And, when you combine this technique with LifeFlow, you can expect a very deep and wonderful level of relaxation that will make it feel that your stress has melted away!

What is autogenic training?

It’s a form of progressive muscle relaxation, although it’s intent is to help you self-produce feelings of heaviness and warmth throughout your body (imagine the comforting weight of a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night). This method quickly helps relax the sympathetic nervous system and activates the parasympathetic nervous system.

What’s truly amazing is that autogenic training can be used for far more than simple relaxation. Imagine putting yourself into this self-induced comfortable/warm/heavy/relaxed state anytime you feel the urge to reach for a cigarette or drink… or when you are in pain… or when you feel an anxiety attack coming on… or if you’re feeling overstimulated.

Basically, autogenic training is a physiological response to commands that you give yourself, with the intent of reversing the effects of stress so you can relax more deeply.

Here’s how you can use autogenic training along with your LifeFlow meditation, to induce profound relaxation and peace:

LifeFlow Demo

Before you start, it’s important to know not to TRY to make anything happen while you are going through the self-commands.

Just try to concentrate on the commands themselves.

You will want to think about/concentrate on each statement for 30-40 seconds (or as long as you can). Having LifeFlow playing during this exercise will help you concentrate.

Get comfortable. You can do this sitting or lying down (but get ready to fall asleep if you do lie down, as this is quite potent!).

Repeat each sequence several times as you visualize the body part becoming heavier – ‘feel’ them sinking downward into your lap or into the bed or floor. When you get to the warmth commands, ‘feel’ your body parts becoming warm, as if you were in the sunshine.

  1. Your first self-command: “My arms are feeling heavy. left arm feels heavy. My right arm feels heavy. Both of my arms are feeling heavy.”
  2. Your second self-command: “My legs are feeling heavy.  My right leg feels heavy.  My left leg feels heavy.  Both of my legs are feeling heavy.”
  3. Your third self-command: “My arms feel warm. My right arm feels warm. My left arm feels warm. Both arms feel warm.
  4. Your fourth self-command: “My legs feel warm. My right leg feels warm. My left leg feels warm. Both of my legs feel warm.”
  5. Your fifth self-command: “My heartbeat is calm, slow and regular.”
  6. Your sixth self-command: “My breathing is calm, deep and regular.”
  7. Your seventh self-command: “My solar plexus feels warm.” (Your solar plexus is just above the abdomen and below your chest).
  8. Your eighth self-command: “My forehead feels cool.”

You will feel your body almost sigh with relief when you do this!

Alternatively, you can use this in preparation for meditation – experiment with what feels right for you!

Project Meditation
Project Meditation

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    • Shirin Ahmed

      I wanted to listen the secret weapon that biologically turns stress into peace & happiness. But I have listened the try wave instant technology turns stress
      into peace. Are both try wave technology ? Thank you. Shirin

      • Project Meditation

        Hi Shirin, the secret weapon that biologically turns stress into peace and happiness is in fact The LifeFlow demo which includes our tri-wave technology.
        You can listen at your leisure here:
        We can see that you’ve previously purchased the first two levels of Lifeflow Audio Technology Shirin and if you haven’t downloaded and saved these for future use, please do feel free to contact our support team who will happily re-send those download links to you.

        Kind regards 🙂

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      Need to give this a try.

      Thank You

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