Meditation Pyramid From Shambhala Healing Tools

Shambhala meditation pyramids are hand made and built by western Shambhala monks and nuns using the finest quality materials to make truly the best meditation pyramids in the world.

The meditation pyramids are built to a precise 51 degree angle, the same as that found in the Great Pyramid. Once set up and correctly aligned to face due north to the magnetic field of the earth, the pyramids are then able to emit blessings within a 100 mile radius and as such, the longer the pyramid is set up the greater the Earth's planetary soul can be radiated.

Those who meditate within the pyramid do so as it creates the same spiritual realm as a holy temple or mandala. When you use a pyramid for meditation it helps to improve your meditation practice which in turn benefits other aspects of your personal life such as your relationships, they can become deeper, more honest, and humble and that also benefits other family members and friends who connect with you.

Shambhala Healing Tools have a fantastic website with a lot of information on meditation pyramids so if you require more in-depth information or wish to purchase a meditation pyramid visit their site.

Meditation Pyramid From Precision Pyramids

Precision Pyramids hand build all their pyramids and each one is built to the same precise 51 degree angle that the Great Pyramid in Giza has. the wood used in the production of these pyramids is either Douglas Fir or Cedar and are sanded down to a smooth finish.

In order to not interfere with the energy that is produced by these pyramids, Precision Pyramids use wooden dowls to hold their pyramids together, this also serves as an easy option for the buyer to put up or take down their pyramid if they ever need to.

Precision Pyramids can produce custom pyramids to suit your height in order to get the best from the pyramid. If you are interested in orrequire further information there is plenty to be found on the Precision Pyramids website.

Meditation Pyramid From Consequences 4 Life

Consequences4Life have produced a meditation pyramid that is designed to increase the benefits of meditation.

Tests have shown that people enter the Alpha State of Consciousness faster and easier when in, or under, a pyramid. The Alpha state of consiousness is a state of mind that you reach when you are completely relaxed.

The pyramid is built with a base measuring six feet across with a height of four feet to help the sides to slope at just under 52 degrees and because of coppers conductivity Consequences4Life chose it to enhance the free flow of energy.

Consequences4Life have made this meditation pyramid easy to assemble and dissasemble and offer this and other pyramids on their website along with further details about them.

Meditation Pyramid From Tushita Heaven

This meditation pyramid from Tushita Heaven is a very unique design, i have looked all over the internet at meditation pyramids but have not come across anything like this anywhere before. I believe this is because these meditation pyramids are handcrafter in Machu Picchu which is located above the Urubamba Valley in Peru.

These meditation pyramids are made from serpentine and clear quartz crystal to create a very unique look. This combination also creates a very powerful meditation tool. If you would like to purchase these meditation pyramids then visit Tushita Heaven.