Meditation Pillow From Comfort Channel

When you practice meditation the last thing you need is distractions such as foot, ankle or knee pain as they take away from your meditation experience and you do not receive the full benefits.

Meditation pillows (or Zafu's as they are also known) are designed to help you experience a more comfortable and deeper meditation than normal as they give you better spinal alignment and support.

All of the natural meditation pillows from ComfortChannel are handmade with a high thread count brushed cotton twill cover and are stuffed with buckwheat hulls or kapok and all their meditation pillows come in an assortment of colors and fabrics.

Meditation Pillow From Wai Lana

Available in several different colors this meditation pillow from Wai Lana would be perfect for use in your home or outdoors.

This rectangular meditation pillow is versatile enough to be used outdoors as well as indoors as it comes with a strap handle for carrying and the exterior cover is removable via a zip, so should the meditation pillow become stained or dirty you can simply take the cover off, wash it and it's back to like new again.

It seems to me that Wai Lana who produced this meditation pillow have taken everything a meditation practioner needs into account.

Meditation Pillow From MatsMatsMats

This 100% organic zafu pillow from MatsMatsMats is extremely comfortable and supportive. The zafu pillow provides better spinal alignment and proper height for a more comfortable and deeper meditation. 100% organic Buckwheat Hull or Kapok filling gently conforms to your shape and is wrapped in a strong organic cotton twill shell.

MatsMatsMats zafu pillows are a supremely comfortable resting place from which to embark your meditative journey.