Meditation Mat From Shambhala Healing Tools

The Shambhala Healing Tools Metatron's Mat System with Shambhala Vajras has so many uses and benefits. The mat can be used for meditation, healing, sleep, relaxation and many other types of complimentary therapies.

The mat can be transported easily as it folds into a beautiful embroidered carrying bag. The mat is padded with 100% cotton batting for comfort with a removable and washable cover that has a beautiful 8" gold eternal knots design embroidered on it which matches the burgundy carrying bag.

If you are serious about meditation and having the best possible tools available I would recommend the mats that Shambhala Healing Tools offer on their website.


The Manduka meditation mat is a 100% machine washable mat which helps to solve the problem of keeping your meditation area clean and sanitary, as if the mat does get a bit dusty or dirty you can simply remove the Velcro cover and pop the mat in the washing machine.

The meditation mat has been finished with 100% warm and smooth covering which is as natural and soft as velvet. Being made from such material allows the meditation mat to be either folded in half for cross legged meditation or it can be used at its full size depending on your meditation needs.

For further information on the Manduka meditation visit the Ovana website.

Meditation Mat From YogaMates

The meditation mat from yogamates is a multi-purpose mat designed for seated meditation. As mentioned this is a multi-purpose mat so I can be used for a number of things such as being folded in half for seated meditation, laid flat for final relaxation pose or even used as a blanket.

Covered with a soft as velvet warm micro-fibre material which is 100% machine washable, this meditation mat can be used anywhere without fear of how to keep it clean, should you use it in doors or outdoors the ability to remove the Velcro cover makes cleaning hassle free.

If you are looking for a meditation mat then this meditation mat from yogamates can certainly do no wrong for you.

Meditation Mat From ComfortChannel

Zabuton Meditation Mats are designed to give you better comfort and support for deeper meditation.

Some meditation practices can be lengthy, lasting for multiple hours. However, sitting meditation should not be painful. The Zabuton Mat is handmade from premium fabric and is filled with pure cotton batting to provide a cushioned surface for your ankles and legs, enabling stress-free meditation.

The Zabuton Meditiation Pillows from Comfort Channel come with a removable washable high tread count brushed cotton twill shell in natural, purple, navy, black, and denim; hemp fabric is also available.

Meditation Mat From YogaMad

The meditation zabuton from Yoga Mad protects the knees and feet from hard services and helps to insulate the body from cold surfaces when meditating.

The Yoga Mad design incorporates two separate cushions in one. There is a permanent inner cushion filled with cotton batting that is securely zippered, this is then covered with a tight fitting zippered cushion made from durable 100% cotton drill.

Using the zippered method for filling allows this zabuton to last for years as you can easily refill the cushions and also remove the covers to allow you to wash them should they become dirty.

For further information or to purchase this or other meditation products pop over to Yoga-Mad.

Meditation Mat From MatsMatsMats

MatsMatsMats Zafus work better on top of their traditional Zabuton mat. Their natural Zabuton mat is handmade from chemical-free "Green Cotton", 10oz. duck for its shell and stuffed with pure cotton batting to provide a cushioned surface for your ankles and legs.

The Zabuton mat has a natural cotton shell and comes with a removable cover in many colors and is approximately 29" x 29" x 2" and weighs four pounds.

To get more information on this meditation mat head over to theMatsMatsMats website.