Procyon Light And Sound Machine From Mind Modulations

Introducing Procyon, a new kind of light and sound experience. Using the combination of light and sound the Procyon mind machine help to stimulate your mind in order to take things in easier.

The Procyon mind machine has the ability to precisely synchronize audio material on CD or MP3. The software needed to use your desired audio with the Procyon mind machine is downloadable from the site.

This system of light and sound combined with your own personal audio CD or MP3 can be ideal for language learning, hypnotherapy, personal growth, or meditation, the possibilities are endless and only limited by yourself.

To find out more about this state of the art technology visit Mind Modulations now.
Nova Pro 100 Light And Sound Machine From Photosonix

This is the Nova Pro 100 from Photosonix, it is their latest offering in light and sound. The Nova Pro 100 offers more audio visual stimulation sessions, more storage and more new features than ever before, including 100 relaxation, meditation, sleep, learning, energizing, visualization, entertainment and specialty performance sessions, plus room for 100 more downloaded sessions.

Each session is organized into 8 categories which are relax, meditate, sleep, learn, energize, special and entertain. The user then selects the session of their choice by selecting a category and then the session they require. Setting the Nova Pro up like this saves the user having to "wade through" 100 sessions to find the one that they want.

Photosonix's design team combines a total of 54 years of experience so if you are interested in their light and sound machine or need more information I would certainly recommend visiting their website.

Inner Pulse Light And Sound Machine From Luxe Vivant

The Sirius light and sound machine is simply the best value light and sound machine available today as it includes features normally found in machines costing much, much more. The Sirius is a great product at an incredible price. If you want latest technology at the lowest price, the Sirius is for you.

What would make you want to purchase the Sirius light and sound machine? Lots of things actually, the machines is very sturdy and ergonomic and also easy to use. As the Sirius is small it feels great in your hand. Also as the machine uses light and sound the lights are balanced just right so as not to be too bright.

To get more in depth information about the Sirius light and sound machine id spend a few minutes going over the Luxe Vivant website.
Paradise Plus Light And Sound Machine From Mind Machine

The DAVID Paradise XL + TM is the world's best Windows programmable AVE (Audio-Visual Entrainment)/CES (Cranio-Electro Stimulation) device.

There are two sections to the Paradise Plus light and sound machine, the AVE section consists of a variety of unique brainwave stimulation sessions plus selections like independent brain hemisphere stimulation, binaural beats, digitized heartbeat, and music modulation. The second section is the CES section which runs on a nine volt battery and can be operated separately to the AVE section or synchronized with the stimulation of the AVE section so in effect here you are getting two products as one.

The Paradise XL + TM is the light and sound machine most preferred by professionals due to it's easy programmability, wide variety of sessions and its huge number of functions.

The Paradise XL + TM light and sound machine is currently being used by several clinicians as Mind Machines have created sessions for ADD, fibromyalgia, brain injury and depression. To find out more about the Paradise XL + TM light and sound machine and its uses visit the Mind Machine website.
Mind Machines From ToolsForWellness

This is the MindSpa Personal Development System from Tools for Wellness which can effectively help adults and children sharpen and improve various aspects of mental performance through the use of auditory and visual stimulation.

The MindSpa comes with over 75 free downloadable AudioStrobe sessions. Included are the Alpha and Theta Progressive Relaxation Training Series, a Deep Delta Series, an Advanced Relaxation and Stimulation Series, a series devoted to Jet Lag & Executive Travel, accelerated learning programs and a whole lot more.

With all this on offer the MindSpa Personal Development System from Tools for Wellness certainly should get your contemplation and consideration if you are in the market for a meditation machine.

Mind's Eye Mind Machine From MindMachines

Introducing the Minds Eye Theta Mind Machine from MindMachines. Thius is the flagship light and sound machine from Theta Technologies.

The new Mind's Eye Mind Machine comes with 50 different pre-set, goal-specific sessions and can also be programmed to play even more sessions from separate cassette tapes.

Similar to a mini personal computer, the Mind's Eye from MindMachines, accepts the "software programs" or sessions the you would like to explore. A library of sessions makes a world of enhanced learning, personal development, and entertainment available at the touch of a button.