Incense Sticks From Illuminations
Both strikingly modern and delicately fragrant, this gift set from illuminations is perfect for anyone who loves the smell of fresh-cut roses. The set includes four rose-scented mini pillar candles. Place them on the pewter-finished, floral motif candle holder included. Two pewter-finished holders set the stage for a generous supply of rose scented incense and complete this fantastic gift.
Buddha Earings From Shanti Boutique

Once you have moved passed the Shanti Boutique homepage and gone through to the meditation are of the site you will see a variety of meditation gifts.

I believe that not only are the meditation gifts varied and beautifully crafted but there is such a variety that if you are looking for a meditation gift for yourself or a meditation gift for a friend you should be able to find what you want with the help of Shanti Boutique.

Meditation Pyramid From Shambhala Healing Tools

If you are looking for a meditation pyramid then i think you should serious contemplate visiting the Shambhala Healing Tools website. They make some faboulous hand crafted meditation pyramids that are designed to be a perfect replica of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Shambhala Healing Tools meditation pyramids are created to enhance your meditation by using the Earth's energy and channeling into you and your meditation practice enabling you to meditate deeper than before.

Meditation Bell From Yogamates

These Japanese meditation bells from Yogamates ring out a warm, mellow, sustained tone. Thee Japanese bowl-shaped bells are a fantastic meditation gift for anyone looking for something to use to begin or end meditation.

The Japanese meditation bells can have a dual function. Yogamates meditation bells can also make a nice singing bowl if you rub the sides with the striker.

Kimono Robe From Gaiam

If your looking for a multi-purpose robe, you can't go far wrong with this beautifull robe from Gaiam.

The flying crane kimono from Gaiam is a great item of clothing that can be worn for any occasion. You can use it as your bath robe or even as your meditation robe, that's how versatile this item is.

The flying crane kimono is a comfortable and loose item of clothing that will not restrict you during your meditations.

If you want more information on the Flying Crane Kimono you can find it at

Incense From CandleBay

This beautiful incense gift set is perfect for any incense lover and makes a great gift. Incense is used to counteract disagreeable odors and drive away negative energies which is why incense is used in meditation. Lighting an incense stick helps to create a calm and peacefull atmosphere in which to meditate.

This incense gift set from CandleBay includes one white stoneware incense holder and 10 incense sticks consisting of Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Orange, Jasmine, Apple and Green Tea.

Meditation Cushion From Wai Lana

Wai Lana are offering a superb meditation cushion. This meditation cushion is designed to give you amazing spinal support due to it's slanted profile.

The Enlightened Zafu meditation cushion is also saddle-shaped so it can fit between your thighs without pressure to the inner leg muscles.

Wai Lana have obviously put a lot of thought into the design of this meditation cushion as its height makes it easy for your knees to reach the floor, and its conforming support assures you perfect posture for longer periods of time.

I think any meditator who received this meditation cushion from Wai Lana as a gift would be extremely happy and satisfied to have received a gift that helps to improve their meditation practice.

Meditation Seat From Yogamates

Yogamates produce a meditation seat called the Tilt Seat. The tilt seat is a perfect solution for anyone who finds it uncomfortable to use floor cushions during their meditation practice.

You can purchase the tilt seat for yourself or as a gift to a friend or familly member who meditates from Yogamates. You can also get a inch environmentally friendly pad to add extra comfort if needed. To find out more about the tilt seat visit the yogamates website.