Wai Lana Meditation Cushion

With dimensions of 31" x 17" x 5" this is a substantial cushion, which a meditation cushion (or zafu as they're also known) needs to be in order to properly serve a meditators needs.

The SuperAsana meditation cushion from Wai Lana is a superb example of what a meditator needs from a meditation cushion. The SuperAsana meditation cushion lifts and rotates your pelvis which allows the spine to assume the natural 'S' shape and thus allowing you to sit for prolonged periods of time in a comfortable and stable position.

With the SuperAsana meditation cushion being filled with buckwheat hull it conforms to your seating position precisely and this in turn gently holds your position whilst at the same time cradling your things.

A good feature of this meditation cushion is the ease with which you can replace, add or takeaway the buckwheat filling via a zipper. This allows you to adjust the filling so that the meditation cushion is precisely to your liking and it also makes the cushion easy to clean should the need arise. I would certainly recommend the SuperAsana meditation cushion from Wai Lana to anyone looking for a meditation cushion.

Yogamates Meditation Cushion

These zafu's rock, why you ask? Well let me tell you. Each zafu is double stitched and fully guaranteed. You have a choice of stuffing, either buckwheat hulls or kapok which can be easily removed or added to via a velcro strip beneath the carry handle and, there are removable covers available for your zafu, these are just some of the reasons why these meditation zafu's are so good.

Now for those of you who are worried about the environment you need not worry about these zafu's as both the buckwheat and kapok are grown without herbicides and pesticides. Kapok and Buckwheat can easily grow in poor soil without any intervention from man; they even enhance the soil where they are grown so the use of herbicides and pesticides really isn't needed.

I would recommend these meditation zafu's to those of you who are looking for a meditation cushions as these zafu's from Yogamates are great whether you are a beginner or a master.

ComfortChannel Meditation Cushion

One thing that all meditators will agree upon is distractions like foot, ankle, and even knee pain can seriously hamper your meditation practice and can stop you from receiving the full benefits that meditation has to offer.

As you know, when you meditate you need to be able to focus inward and to let the cares or worries of the 'real world' pass you by. This can be greatly enhanced if you can use the correct posture. This can be hard to do if you don't have the right tools, the bean products zafu pillow from comfortchannel.com is the tool you have been missing.

Meditation pillows are designed to allow you hold the correct meditative posture without any discomfort which gives your spine better alignment and support and allows the meditator to enjoy a deeper meditation experience.

Comfortchannel.com offer this great natural meditation pillow with a brushed cotton twill cover and are filled kapok or buckwheat hulls and to accommodate personal preferences they also offer a zafu round pillow.

All the meditation cushions come in an assortment of colors and fabrics, so if you would like to know more about the cushion they offer and to find out how to best care for a meditation cushion visit comfortchannel.com today.

YogaMad Meditation Cushion

The organic round meditation cushion is just one of many meditation cushions available at Yoga Mad. The round cushion is a great meditation cushion for a novice or an experienced meditator as it makes sitting during meditation easier on the knees and ankles and also prevents the legs from 'falling asleep'. Yoga Mad's meditation cushions are filled with buckwheat hulls and provide firm yet subtle support and are able to mould to the shape of your body and the cushion also has a double cover providing extra strength.

Another feature to this particular meditation cushion is the ability to adjust the height. This can be extremely helpful to a meditator who may be finding the position gained from the cushion as not being quite right, the meditator can simply open up the cushion and add or remove and buckwheat hulls as necessary in order to gain the best possible seating position.

For further information and for other meditation cushions I would certainly recommend having a look at the Yoga Mad site.

Novica Meditation Cushion

The shining red ruby and crimson colors of this meditation cushion make it look like a soft and inviting item to practice your meditation on.

Nyoman Nadri is the creator of this beautiful meditation cushion and as you can see from the cushion she is a tremendously creative woman. The inviting floor cushion is crafted from 100% rayon fabric and has a Dacron filled border to give it shape and also has a zipper closure which enables the user to adjust the filling to his or her liking.

For more information and further products of Nyoman Nadri I would recommend visiting Novica.

Alive And Healthy Meditation Cushion

As anyone who is interested in meditation will know, comfort and stability are essential, so meditation cushions that have the ability to form to your body are an extremely good tool for meditation.

Alive and Healthy provide custom made meditation cushions that follow their specific recommendations and experience gained over 30 years of meditation and give you the stability and comfort that you require in meditation.

The meditation cushions are all hand made and come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit your personal needs. A great advantage to these meditation cushions is the ability to increase or decrease the amount of filling. This is made possible by a Velcro sealed inner lining that is easy to open should you feel the need to adjust the filling of the cushion. Each cushion also comes with a removable cloth liner that is machine washable which is extremely handy when you use your meditation cushion often.

To view the various different sizes and colors available and to get even more information about them head over to aliveandhealthy.com.

Meditation Cushions From Yoga-Ez

Yoga-Ez are offering some beautiful hand made Thai meditation cushions and come in red, yellow or purple. As well as being available in a variety of colors the meditation cushions that are available from Yoga-Ez are made from natural cotton and are a favorite choice of meditators and yoga practitioners alike.

If you are considering buying a meditation cushion these cushions from Yoga-Ez are 10" across and 2" deep to make them a more than adequate size for comfortable meditation.