Tibetan Meditation

When it comes to following the practices of Tibetan meditation, you will find that the ways of Chi Kung (or Qi Gong) play an important role in this form of relaxation. High in the mountains of Tibet, ancient groups established Tibetan meditation by combining their experiences regarding yoga practices from India and Chinese martial arts. It is this reason that the Tibetan meditation of Chi Kung is often associated with various schools of Chinese martial arts, especially the following that utilizes animal-related poses, such as the Snake-style or White Crane positions.

A lot of thought and reflection is taken into consideration when it comes to the execution of Tibetan meditation. For many centuries, the practice of Tibetan meditation was a highly guarded secret; therefore the exact history of this act of rumination is not known.

Tibetan meditation is also combined with other styles of contemplation with the hope of achieving visualization goals. For many, Tibetan meditation possesses a reputation of successfully breaking up the blockages that arise within the body. These highly desirable results occur when the circulation of breath is allowed to easily flow.

The Health Benefits of Tibetan Meditation 

While some people turn to Tibetan meditation to slow down an increased heart rate or better control their blood pressure, others enjoy the mindfulness, awareness, and reduced stress that come with this practice. When blockages occur in the body, Tibetan meditation has been known to create a satisfying relief that involves healthful contemplation and deliberation.

Through Tibetan meditation, the health of the lungs, liver, kidneys, spleen, and heart may improve. Whenever it comes to the power of thought, there are plenty of positive results that may occur when commanding its influence on the body. Individuals who have embraced the techniques of Tibetan meditation have corrected bad posture, decreased tension in the muscles and ligaments, as well as assisted in the prevention of a wide range of diseases and other medical conditions.

Tibetan meditation also works to eradicate the occurrences in life that contribute to blockages of energy throughout the body. Stress, too much work, poor posture, smoking cigarettes, emotional distress, drug use, and physical strains are all conditions that could benefit from this kind of contemplation.

When discussing Tibetan meditation, you should know that the practice is hailed more for its mystical connections than for its health-boosting properties. One might be surprised that the Chi Kung type of Tibetan meditation does not come from Tibetan Buddhist points of view. An older, religion associated with nature is responsible for the evolution of this form of meditation. In Tibet, various natural characteristics are used to encourage the attainment of visualization and positive thought. 

Aspects of Tibetan Meditation

To better understand the ins and outs of Tibetan meditation, you should know the traditional Tibetan culture is spending their time close to the earth, their connection to nature, using mantra sounds which are various forms of prayer to them. These mantras  hail from Sanskrit text, which are used to create a tie to the energy associated with being enlightened.

Tibetan monks have been known to use this part of the meditation to achieve an altered state of consciousness, which helps to bring focus and calm to brain activity and the mind. Overall, Tibetan meditation can be accomplished by anyone who studies the approaches and techniques of this reflective boost pertaining to the mind and body.

By Victoria Stansfield

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