Meditation on Twin Hearts

The Meditation on twin hearts is an advanced contemplation technique developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. The Mediation on Twin Hearts is meant to bring spiritual oneness through blessing the whole earth.  This method of reflection is based on the principle that some of the chakras, or energy centers of the body, are gateways to other levels of awareness.  Sufficient reflection will allow the subject to fully activate both heart and crown chakras, allowing the achievement of cosmic consciousness.  The heart chakra is the energy center located at the front of the chest. This chakra is the center of compassion, forgiveness, joy, and other high emotions. 

Certain types of people should not practice the Meditation on Twin Hearts.  These people include those below the age of eighteen, heavy smokers, anyone suffering from heart problems, hypertension, glaucoma, or liver and kidney problems, and pregnant women.  When a subject performs the Meditation on Twin Hearts, their thoughts are overwhelmed by the presence of divine light flowing down from the heavens. Deliberation on the Twin Hearts can also cause practitioners to experience feelings of divine bliss and joy, as well as a feeling of oneness with all creation.   Descent of the divine energy during the Meditation on Twin Hearts causes a temporary expansion of major chakras and a practitioner’s aura.  Permanent effects will be experienced when this meditation is practiced daily for one year.  People who are subject to these effects will be more powerful healers, and may experience an increase of charisma or other social benefits.

The procedure of the Meditation on Twin Hearts is as follows.  A practitioner first performs a cleansing exercise. This is a physical process to expel used up prana from the etheric body.  Because this meditation causes many subtle energies to appear in the body, pranic congestion must be minimized.  Then, the subject practicing the Meditation on Twin Hearts must invoke the Divine for blessings.  The nature of the Divine is not defined; any appearance of the Divine source may be chosen.  All appearances of the Divine are identical in nature.

The protection of the Divine secured, the Meditation on Twin Hearts may proceed.  It is important to concentrate on a time full of joy, then upon the heart chakra.  The energy generated by the opening of the heart chakra is then used to bless the world.  Then, the time comes to activate its twin and clone, the crown chakra. To do this, a practitioner should touch the top of the head, pulling loving kindness through the crown chakra and again blessing the Earth upon which we live.  This double blessing allows the practitioner to spread good feeling across the world.  Once this blessing is conferred, someone using the Meditation on Twin Hearts must visualize a point of white light at the top of the head, as part of the process of illumination.  An inner explosion of light may then be felt, the mirror image of the Divine blessing.  Once this is accomplished, the final part of the Meditation on Twin Hearts is the release of excess energy.  Once again, blessings are imparted to the whole world to confer prosperity.  Retention of energy in the etheric body can be dangerous to the physical form.  Following the Meditation on Twin Hearts, it is important to once again perform the cleansing exercises.

By Rob Gerrard

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