Dolphin Meditation

Dolphin meditation is a visualizing technique that uses these beautiful animals as a focus.  When combined with deep breathing, the calming effects of these peaceful mammals is a powerful aid in centering and grounding yourself.

When you think of dolphins, the picture that usually comes to mind is of sleek, finned bodies cutting through clear water, cheerful faces and high-pitched, excited noise.  Dolphins are graceful sea creatures that breath air and you might not have known that they can be helpful in the art of meditation as well! 

Dolphins have long existed in human thought as good omens, and why not?  Ancient sailors and fishermen considered dolphins to be the best of luck and would often feed them fish from the daily catch.  Dolphins have even been know to aid victims of shipwrecks back to land, nudging them and keeping them afloat with their snouts. 

Besides being beautiful, fascinating animals, dolphins are also powerful symbols to humans.  The tricks that are taught to them in marine parks are simply extensions of acts that wild dolphins will perform in the wild.  Dolphins in the wild are playful and seem to be completely carefree, a trait which busy humans can certainly envy.  In the course of deep reflection, the dolphin can become a guide and a companion, taking us to a safe place.

Dolphins use 100 percent of their lung capacity, while humans typically only use 20 percent.  This alone makes them a wonderful visual aid for contemplation that involves deep breathing.

Dolphin meditation can begin with a serene, quiet place, perhaps with some thought-provoking music playing softly in the background.  Sitting in a comfortable position, inhale and exhale, letting your body relax completely.

You will become aware of your body and the tiny motions that occur even when you are sitting still.  In these small movements, start to feel the ebb and flow of a tide.  As your concentration gets sharper, focus on that ebb and flow until you can almost hear the sea roaring in your ears.

While maintaining your breathing, start adding other "pieces" to the scene.  Do you feel the wind through your hair?  Can you feel how warm and gritty the sand beneath you is?  When you have a tranquil beach set in your mind, walk down to the water and wade out to where it deepens. 

Dolphins were traditionally seen as the saviors and  protectors of travelers, so even if the water gets deeper, you should feel no fear when a sleek gray body brushes against you and you hear a friendly inquiring chirp.

Realize that as large as the dolphin is (bottlenose dolphins can weigh more than 1400 pounds!) that this creature is not threatening.  Instead, it is as cheerful and curious as a child and as it gets to know you, it offers its back, allowing you to grab the dorsal fin and hold on.

As the dolphin takes you away from your cares and worries, you understand that while this is not an escape, you will return feeling stronger and refreshed, carrying back a little of the playful dolphin spirit with you into your busy life.

By Kelly Cramer

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