Meditation Mats

Meditation mats are not essential yet meditation mats can be a great aid. Meditation mats are an often-portable tool of rumination that protects the body (especially the knees) during sessions of reaching a deeper point of thought. While there are plenty of tools of reflection that aid individuals in reaching higher levels of contemplation, one of the best protective measures a person may embrace is the use of meditation mats. With a wide range of colors, thickness, prices, and sizes, there are many different kinds of meditation mats to choose from that are made from a variety of materials.

Depending on the characteristics of a meditation mat, one can use this tool of deliberation to meditate under specific, special, or detailed circumstances. Some meditation mats are fashioned to accommodate one specific style of meditation, while others are great for achieving the reflection that comes with a variety of intense meditative sessions, such as an advanced yoga routine. To get an idea of the types of meditation mats one may select, below are a few options that highlight an assortment of benefits.

With the Harmony Fusion meditation mat, the extra thick (open cell) natural rubber provides great traction that helps keep bodies intact when completing meditation poses. Traction delivery is quite desirable, as meditators are able to work through combative conditions, such as a meditation mat saturated with perspiration. The Harmony Fusion line of meditation mats are considered by some as denser and stronger than standard mats, especially when it comes to the solid, non-slip platform that encourages a wealth of meditation styles. This particular selection is great for environmentally conscious meditators, who avoid purchasing meditation mats constructed from ozone depleting substances. The Harmony Fusion meditation mat is also biodegradable and comes in dark midnight blue, red, olive, and orange colors.

To accommodate varying levels of meditation, the Raja black mat is perfect for those who wish to include a demanding level of deliberation within their routine. With a light, dense texture, the high-quality traction allows many different meditative explorations to take place. The center threading of this product also delivers a high level of strength that withstands tearing.

Another meditation mat material is made from unbleached, natural cotton shell, which is stuffed with 8 pounds of natural, untreated cotton batting. The interior and exterior details concerning this type of mat enhance meditation because it provides a rather soothing and relaxing foundation for the body to settle into before achieving personal goals of awareness and reflection.

Sometimes meditation mats are made from vinyl sponge foam, which is ideal in providing the necessary cushion to sustain the body in moments of great reflection. There are also meditation mats that take into consideration the many different meditators who use such products. Some product lines offer meditation mats that are 100% latex free and hypoallergenic, which is great for people that suffer from allergies.

Usually, meditation mats are easy-to-clean by simple hand washing.

By Jane May

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