Meditation Furniture

There are many different pieces of Meditation furniture, from clocks to incense holders and candles to mats, cushions, chairs and benches. Meditation furniture aids in meditation by ensuring that you are comfortable and relaxed.

Some of the most popular meditation furniture items are Zafu and Zabutons. A Zafu is a round cushion, traditionally stuffed with kapok or buckwheat. A zabuton is square, larger in size although much flatter and is sometimes referred to as a mat rather than a cushion. The Zafu and Zabuton are often sold in sets.

There are also a number of smaller cushions that act as padding and protect sore or swollen joints during meditation. All cushions can be purchased in a variety of colors and colored combinations. Meditation mats of all materials and designs can be used for meditation or used as floor rugs around the house. Yoga bolsters are a bonus for back problems when sitting for long periods.

Proper posture is important in meditation so other options to the Zafu and Zabuton are benches, chair and platforms. Benches have the advantage of allowing you to meditate in the traditional Japanese kneeling posture, called "seiza" position, which is excellent for people who have difficulty meditating with their legs crossed. These benches can also be used for reading, gardening, or any activity where good posture is essential. A desk to match is a great alternative to the traditional desk and chair used by students. Cushions to fit on these benches for added comfort are available in a range of patterns and colors. A number of metal platforms are also available and cushions can be purchased separately.

Meditation furniture including chairs come in many materials. Some are made of fine wood, others of metal whilst some pieces of meditation furniture are made of Rattan.

For those with limited space who would like a private meditation area, screens are ideal. Screens come in several sizes and can be made of solid bamboo, bamboo and rice paper or combinations including pine, rice paper and metal.

Altars are also considered meditation furniture. These altars are varied in design from low set Korean styles, Thai altars made of pine, simple lines of a Zen altar and solid wood altar, plain or heavily carved. Some of these altars are chests while some have doors and drawers. Buddhist statues in many different poses, incense holders which differ in design, some are of a Korean or Tibetan influence, open or covered jars and plain or ornate candle holders and candles adorn these altars and make your meditation spiritual and individual.

Meditation furniture also encompasses temple bells, chimes and gongs. Some of the stands are made of timber while other come in a metal finish. All of which come in different styles and sizes and can fit in with any décor.

There is no doubt that meditation furniture offers a wide variety to fit with your individual tastes and décor while helping relax both mind and body ready for peaceful meditation.

By Travis Mann

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