Could Meditation Improve Course Grades?

Could meditation improve course grades? Now that’s a big question really isn’t it! I’m sure there are lots of people out there who wish they could do better with their courses, wish they could put more thought into their studies and apply more deliberation to practical and theoretical aspects of their course to improve their grades.

Could it work though? Personally I believe it does work, after all, sessions of contemplation and deliberation have been proven to reduce stress and I’m sure stress plays a big factor in effecting course grades, so surely if you can relax and relieve yourself of stress would that not help to improve course grades?

Studies have shown that children who have studied a form of meditation, such as transcendental meditation, were able to focus much better and were more adaptable in how they thought about problems and situations. It was also proven from those children that participated in the studies that the answer to the question “could meditation improve course grades” was a yes as their course grades did improve along with their focus on work and sessions of deliberation and contemplation improved decision making.

Surely after hearing that a study has shown that meditation can improve course grades it deserves your contemplation and consideration?

As you may or may not be aware the positive effects of meditation are many and can lead you to a life of relaxation and contemplation. So surely by practicing meditation on a regular basis and gaining a sense of calmness and control over your life you would be a more relaxed and happy person who suffers far less stress, if any, than the average person. Now I do think that if you’re in a relaxed then certainly you can concentrate better and would that not be a benefit when it comes to improved course grades?

So then, you’ve practiced meditation, you’ve reached a state of rumination and contemplation which has made you a more stress free, relaxed, contemplative and considerate person who can concentrate much better than before as you are so much more relaxed and peaceful… would this not now lead to an improvement in your course grades? I’ll let u contemplate on that one…

At the moment there is not a lot of research available on whether or not meditation could improve course grades but that isn’t a bad thing as there are so many positives towards practicing meditation that they can speak for themselves. Being able to keep yourself calm and at peace is a major advantage over most people and if you enter a state of contemplation on a regular basis then you’ll be able to do so whenever you need to, even if it’s a short breathing exercise to calm your nerves before a lesson that you don’t enjoy.

So upon reflection of the positives of meditation it is my belief that without doubt meditation could improve course grades, if there are companies out there sending their employees on courses to study meditation in order to improve the company and the overall workforce then there must be pretty good reason for them to believe in meditation and the ‘bonuses’ gained from the practice of meditation. Why else would schools be starting to have short meditation lessons and giving their students time for contemplation and deliberation at certain times of the day. Little lessons of rumination would not be happening in schools if there were no benefits…

By Joyce Bingham