Bi Polar Meditation

Although not yet scientifically proven, for all those suffering from the varying forms of bi polar, meditation does appear to be offering immense practical benefits to many areas of their lives. Some have suggested that during meditation, the state of depression prior to meditation is greatly reduced and a more definite feeling of well being is observed. The effects in some cases are said to have lingered for a few hours after practice. Feelings of considerably less irritable thoughts and a drastic boost in confidence have been noted by many Bi polar sufferers. Bipolar disorder, also known as a "manic-depressive illness" or "manic depression", is treated with a range of various medications, in some cases hospitalization and vitamins. Many people suffering from bi polar practice meditation as an extremely effective complementary therapy. Since bipolar is a very complex mood disorder characterized by dramatic mood swings, it is always highly recommended to consult a doctor or professional beforehand. This is advisable, so that both patient and doctor can monitor any improvements accordingly. Keeping a log is well worth consideration in order to notice any new patterns or changes that are noticed.
Some people have even stated that of all the various types of medication and vitamins promoted as treatments for bi polar, by far the most effective has been meditation. There are of course many different techniques practised, those of which some methods may be effective and some may not. Through researching this particular subject, I have come to understand that two of the techniques mentioned regularly are mindfulness meditation and motionless meditation. For a brief overview and better understanding of both these techniques click here.

I have also noticed that guided group meditation tends to also be a preferred method of meditating for Bi polar sufferers. After giving some deliberation to this and it is only my opinion. It would make sense that those practicing as a group will have more confidence and lesser anxious thoughts when surrounded by like minded people, hence a much more supportive and ambient atmosphere. 
There will I am very sure be various meditation techniques offering diverse benefits to all different people, however the most important thing to remember is the fundamental purpose of every single technique is that Meditation put simply is an approach that anyone (bipolar sufferer or not) can use to help them cope with medical problems, stress, and anxiety by way of thought, contemplation, and reflection.
As mentioned earlier though, I must emphasise the importance of seeking professional advice and guidance if you do suffer from any of these disorders. Following advice if able to give it a try, the many benefits that are on offer by way of reaching a state of rumination through meditation are immense.

By Rob Gerrard

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Research has scientifically proven that meditation is a safe and simple way to balance your physical, emotional and mental state and more and more doctors recommend practicing meditation as an alternative to drugs for anxiety, panic attacks, stress, insomnia, depression and various forms of addiction. People pay thousands to learn various kinds of meditation including transcendental meditation which is a multi billion dollar organization. Millions of people globally practice meditation to alleviate stress and enhance their lives with peace and happiness.

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