Athlete Meditation Research

The field of Athlete Meditation Research has brought forth some amazing results.  Athletes of all ages have been shown that they can greatly benefit from the findings of athlete meditation research.  Athletes who practice meditation can expect better performance, endurance and concentration.  These attributes are essential to the success of every athlete.

Athlete meditation research has proven that training the mind nearly always helps in training the body.  Meditation creates balance and allows energy to flow more freely through the mind and body.  Visualization techniques help athletes in all sports and athlete meditation research has proven to help physically as well.

One major benefit of meditation is the release of tension.  Any athlete will tell you that when they are relaxed they perform at a much higher level.  When relaxed, energy flows easier through the nervous system and therefore maximizes performance.

Concentration is an absolutely vital part of any sport.  It can be significantly improved through the use of meditation.  Any basketball player that has ever shot a free throw can tell you how important concentration is to their success.  Add screaming fans, mascots, and high-stakes, and concentration becomes that much more important.  Being able to block out the outside world and focus on the task at hand is a valuable skill that can be improved.

Athlete meditation research has also proven that reaction time can be significantly improved through the use of meditation.  Reaction time is essential in almost every sport.  Many sports are simply a result of conditioning the body and mind to react to every situation quickly.  Learning to cut down on reaction time will help any athlete succeed. 

Endurance is another characteristic that can be improved through the use of meditation.  Every great athlete became great by the way they performed at the end of the game.  All of the famous last second heroics you’ve seen on countless highlight reels would not be possible without extreme levels of endurance.  A prominent football coach once said that “games are won and lost in the last two minutes of each half.”  Developing this trait through meditation is beneficial to any aspiring star. 

With the increased strain on the body that athletics brings, it is very important to achieve deep relaxation.  Being able to clear the mind and release tension is a valuable tool that can be taught through meditation.  Athlete meditation research has proven that athletes, who know how to relax, perform better.  Their bodies take quite a toll, but with the help of deep relaxation techniques, they are rejuvenated.

Another key trait discovered by athlete meditation research is the improvement of relationships.  Most sports are a team game and having a good relationship with your teammates is a must.  If a team wants to win, they must be able to get along.  Any conflicts could potentially damage team spirit.  Meditation is proven to help these interpersonal relationships as well.

Any athlete that desires to be the best that they can possibly be needs to focus on meditation and visualization.  One must train the body and the mind.

By Uma Johnson

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