You may have heard of a consciousness shift that is happening RIGHT now.

It’s a large-scale evolution of mankind and promotes living consciously. In other words, ‘finding’ and ‘being’ the real you.

Moving away from a civilization based on material interests and competition, toward a civilization based on spiritual values of harmony, respect, sharing, peace and cooperation.

It’s hard to believe, with all of the war and disruption going on in our world, but this consciousness shift is happening: its energy is intense and it affects everyone.

In many forms, this energy is manifesting as a desire for change.

Change… the very thing us human ‘creatures of comfort’ are wired to resist!

A growing population is critically examining how we are treating ourselves, each other, and our planet and seeking to find a better way of living consciously.

Now, the Earth is moving into a higher, more spiritual dimension, and humanity must evolve along with it. Obsolete beliefs are now crumbling, making way for an era of spiritual culture. – Masami Saionji

One way that people are moving towards living consciously is through a growing movement to be who we were born to be.

Gone are the days of the obligation to follow in our fore-father’s footsteps (“we’re a coal-mining family” or “we have always been bankers”).

Gone are the days of mindlessly choosing careers because they are safe.

Gone are the days of deferring experiences and travel until we are retired.

Are you living consciously?

Information is more accessible than ever, and we are starting to use it. The Internet makes it possible to work remotely, from the most interesting places on Earth, blurring the line between work and play.

Even if you have no intention of leaving your job, you can ignite the passion within you, and achieve the goals that light you up. More often than not, these goals are shared – if only on social media – and serve as inspiration to others.

Just think… if 1% of the world’s population attains enlightenment, it will create enough of a shift to bring the other 99% along.

What is enlightenment? The word “light” within it, gives you a clue. It’s about waking up and allowing your inner light to shine. It means surrendering to your true spiritual nature of love and compassion and letting go of all previous, pre-conceived ideas of who you are and what you’re capable of being.

It means REALLY being YOU, and making a unique contribution to the world based on your own individual design and calling.

You have probably heard that the world needs what you have within you to give.

Now is the time to share your strengths, talents and gifts and get really living consciously!

… But how do you start?

By meditating!

We have been in such a rush to “do” that we have forgotten how peaceful and joyful it is to simply “be.” And, we have learned to give more credence to what others say and rarely follow our own inner wisdom anymore.

Meditation Is About Being and It’s The Perfect Vehicle For Living Consciously

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We keep trying to solve issues using old thought habits, blind beliefs and fixed ideas (this is why history keeps repeating itself!) instead of being bold enough to use our infinite supply of creative energy.

Not only to live life to the fullest, but to empower ourselves to make a meaningful contribution to the world.

Meditation is about awareness, and the realization that beliefs are only opinions (that are often and usually based on fear).

Just the ability to let go of dis-empowering beliefs, is enough cause to meditate.

Have you ever noticed old beliefs holding you back? How they have kept you in a state of fearful dependence, preventing you from believing in yourself.

Have you ever found yourself always trusting others to “know better” and ignoring your own inner wisdom?

You can empower yourself to break free from this old paradigm and create a new one.

Let meditation become the tool you use to create a fresh start.

Does living consciously challenge your beliefs? Does the idea of a fresh start terrify you? It doesn’t have to.

A fresh start begins by simply adopting a fresh point of view, based on “we” instead of “me,” co-operation instead of competition, abundance instead of lack, and harmony instead of conflict.

Meditation helps you develop this more peaceful point of view. Once this new point of view is your ‘new normal’, your behaviors and results will naturally follow.

Access the stillness, peace and joy within. Awaken to your true nature and it will naturally radiate outward into your thoughts, words and behaviors.

Positively affecting everyone around you.

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Project Meditation

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