When it comes to the great pillars of health and well-being, getting a good night’s sleep is up there with healthy eating and regular exercise. Some people who can’t sleep are suffering from sleep disorders, and they require significant interventions — for example, CPAP machines for sleep apnea.

For most of us though, it could just be a matter of taking better care of ourselves during the day and in the hour before we crawl into bed.

Here are some factors that might be contributing to your sleep issues, but rest easy — the solutions are easy to implement. Quality sleep can be yours! Read on and tell us what works for you…

5 Sneaky Sleep Saboteurs that keep you awake…

Watching Television

Did you know the blue light emitted from televisions actually delays the release of melatonin, the hormone that helps regulate sleep? The National Sleep Foundation recommends you switch off T.V. at least an hour before you go to bed and do something more relaxing like taking a long relaxing soak or reading a book.

Watching Television - Light emitted from televisions actually delays the release of melatonin

Using Laptops & Smartphones
Do you take your laptop, tablet or smartphone into the bedroom with you? If you do, you’re certainly not alone because technology use near bedtime is extremely prevalent in the United States. However, among a range of technologies, interactive technological devices are most strongly associated with sleep complaints.

The research was among Mayo Clinic studies being presented at SLEEP 2013, the Associated Professional Sleep Societies annual meeting in Baltimore.

Do you take your laptop, tablet or smartphone into the bedroom with you?

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Being Too Hot…
Specialists and studies have estimated that the ideal temperature for good sleep is somewhere between 60-72 degrees although this can vary from person to person.

You’ll probably sleep better at a slightly cooler temperature than your home is set at during the day. Plus, having your room a little cooler allows you to snuggle up in your blanket without getting too hot and who doesn’t love that cosy feeling at bedtime?!

You'll probably sleep better at a slightly cooler temperature

Having Stressful Conversation
Dr. Rosenberg Author of “Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day” says…

“If a conversation is stressful, it will elevate cortisol and other stress hormones impending your ability to fall asleep.” He goes on to say that angry people tend to ruminate, or play over thoughts again and again in their minds, which can also make falling asleep difficult. A great lesson to learn in life is this… Never go to bed angry with each other.


Because tomorrow is promised to no one and you may not get a second chance to make things right. A few kind words today may save a lifetime of regret later…

Never go to bed angry with each other

Late Night Feasts
Eating a large meal and feeling bloated can be uncomfortable at any time and over-eating too close to bedtime can definitely keep you awake into the small hours. It’s much better to eat your evening meal at least a couple of hours before you go to bed because this gives your body more time to begin digesting it before you settle down to sleep. It is also good to remember that eating fatty or spicy food before settling down for that night can create acid reflux as soon as you lay down.

Late Night Feasts

When it comes to bad sleep habits, it may not be as hard as you think to reset your sleep cycle. Often, it just takes a little patience and some careful planning to create the habits of winding down during the hour before bed. So rest easy and be assured that quality sleep can be yours.

Are any of these sneaky sleep saboteurs keeping you awake? Are there any we missed? Share with us in the comments below…

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    6 replies to "Which Of These 5 Sneaky Sleep Saboteurs Is Keeping You Awake?"

    • Terry

      I believe everything I read. If you dream at night? Try relating what happened your previous day to your dreams at night. I read about the brain sorting out your day as you sleep, “like a file system, it sorts your day and puts things in the proper folder”. The less stress I’m under when I go to bed, the nicer the dreams. I actually wake up and laugh about most of them. Watch a show about crime then go to bed, what did you dream about?

      • Project Meditation

        Thanks so much for your invaluable contribution Terry …. as always! I’m sure many of us will find your post very useful.
        Namaste – the Project Meditation Team 😉

    • Catherine

      Too much vigorous exercise seems to leave me buzzing which interferes with sleep (except great sex of course which makes for great sleep). Also the wrong kind of pillow or meditating too close to bedtime. In fact the emptier that last hour is, the better for me. Writing seems to be ok (pen and paper not laptop), as does listening to calming music or a podcast in the general realm of mindfulness / self-actualisation.

      • Project Meditation

        Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and suggestions Catherine.
        Namaste – the Project Meditation Team 🙂

    • Don

      I find a steady slow walk at 3 to 3.5kph for 10 min on my treadmill before bed is best. Settles everything down in body and mind.

      • Project Meditation

        It’s great to find what works for each of us isn’t it Don. Thanks so much for taking the time to share what works for you.
        Namaste – the Project Meditation Team 🙂

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