As you know, suppressed emotions never go away, they actually grow and build up inside you creating a variety of stress related problems. If you make LifeFlow meditation a part of your daily routine, you will raise your tolerance levels so that they are safely greater than those of the demands surrounding you.

suppressed emotions never go away

This is an extraordinary concept which works amazingly. Think in terms of a river bursting its banks. Too much rainfall has exceeded the river bed’s maximum capabilities, the water floods the surrounding landscape until If the banks are not widened however, then the same situation is likely to occur, time and time againfinally the rain stops and the water levels can eventually recede and go back to normal.

If the banks are not widened however, then the same situation is likely to occur, time and time again. Those trigger points which threaten our lower tolerance levels will continue to do so and like a vicious circle, this trend will persist as life continues to grow ever more hectic.

Our behaviors then become increasingly erratic and we dip in and out of old negative patterns to help us cope with the increase in stress. Will these constant demands and an inability to cope still be apparent one year from now?

Five years on and the situation could be worse. If tolerance levels have not increased, the pressures of our lives may well have.

Ten or twenty years from now, will things have improved? Only if we have taken time to change our existing mindset and have learned techniques which will help us to deal with the pressures of life.

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Our ability to re-evaluate and to emerge with new, higher tolerance levels means that we can avoid this constant barrage of negative stimuli from affecting us in the same way ever again.

By learning meditation, we can turn our attention inwardsBy learning meditation, we can turn our attention inwards and release our ‘inner observer’ who can step between our rising levels of emotions and the actual cause of the problem.

We can then learn to stop resisting and fighting against this threat and simply observe as if from a distance, the picture playing out as if in slow motion. When we have learned the technique of observing ourselves, we can avoid the preset behavioral patterns and form new, healthier ones.

Meditation can help us to not worry about every possible scenario. We learn to let go of negative thoughts by having increased control over our minds.

If we are not careful the negative thoughts we send out, can summon up our worst fears in tangible form. By letting go of our fears, we also learn that the old adage ‘there is nothing to fear but fear itself’ is so accurate.

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