For many, mornings are a period of stress. Full of rushing, gulping down coffee to force feelings of awakeness, email checking and internet surfing just moments after waking causing stress and anxiousness. Many also endure long commutes to work which can be filled with rudeness and road rage. It doesn’t sound uplifting does it?

We here at Project Meditation believe in the power of a morning routine and that’s why today we want to share with you this short but powerful video from Sadia at Pick Up Limes. Sadia even offers a helpful PDF for you to download for free called… “Healthy Morning Habits Checklist”. We loved her video and we’re sure you will too:

We couldn’t agree more with Sadia from Pick Up Limes and we love her 10 tips and calming influence. Sadia talks about some great ways of easing yourself into these new habits which is essential to not feeling overwhelmed.

Here are a few tips of our own…

Alarm Clock

We hate all those default alarm sounds on our phones, they are abrupt and certainly won’t start your day off well. So why not switch things up and play some calming music as Sadia suggested or perhaps play Classical Magic or Morning Gratitude from the Sleep Easy Solution. Both tracks will be sure to brighten your morning.

morning alarm clock ideas


Many of the PM team begin every morning with a few minutes of gratitude (some of us even use a gratitude journal, check out the journal we love and use here) we certainly believe it’s our tried and true recipe for an amazing day. What’s your go to morning tip that promises a great start to the day?

Morning Gratitude Journal


Water, water, water… we can’t emphasize enough how important drinking enough water is to our bodies… did you know just a few of the health benefits:

Boosts Energy Levels
Promotes Weight Loss
Boosts Your Immune System
Relieves Headaches and Prevents Them
Clears Your Body Of Toxins

And so much more, best of all its FREE!!lemon water

A Short Walk To Start The Day

We all know we should exercise so we can enjoy a healthy, happy, longer life and this simple morning habit will kick off your day perfectly. Why not make it even more powerful with my breakthrough track which includes exhilarating workout music with gamma waves so you can “get in the zone” and look forward to exercise like you never have before. Now, you can feel fantastic while you burn fat, increase energy and feel on top of the world! You could mix it up some days and listen to one of your new books on your Audible app.

Walk Tall - The Secret Combination

Morning Meditation

Keep it short and simple but don’t forget it! This simple habit can change not only your day but your entire life and it needn’t be complicated, if you’re not sure where to start try this 8 minute deep meditation free now and see what you’ve been missing! Meditation has endless benefits:

Meditation reduces stress

Meditation improves focus

Meditation helps people overcome addictions

Meditation takes you towards enlightenment?

and the list goes on! Morning meditationWhy not let your morning set the tone for the hours ahead and get up a little earlier so you can enjoy this quite, peaceful time. Hana from the Project Meditation team has recently been trying a few of these habits out and here’s what she has to say…

How did you feel after the first morning Hana?

I made the intention the night before which I think hugely contributed to my success, I went to bed about 90 minutes earlier than I usually do (which is something I needed to address as I was going to bed at around midnight or just after each night and not getting enough sleep). So I set my alarm for 7am and chose Classical Magic as my morning call, it was so lovely to wake up to and totally beat waking up to the usual beeping alarm so I loved that tip from Sadia. Then I continued to listen to Classical Magic as I made my tea, tidied the kitchen, made breakfast etc. Then I got dressed for the day and headed for a walk with my Audible app playing The Alchemist (my current book), for shorter walks I like to use Walk Tall from The Secret Combination which is also great for practicing my affirmations. Just making these small simple changes set me up for an amazing day and I can imagine as I continue to make this a new habit it will become something I really can’t live without.”

So why not stop hitting that snooze button and try out a few of these tips! Or if you have any more tips to offer, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below…

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