I have received and answered particular questions this week regarding various levels within the LifeFlow program and so I am dedicating this post to explaining in detail how you will benefit the most using LifeFlow.

A Light State Of Meditation

When you find yourself lost in a daydream | Project MeditationA light state of meditation typically results in an increase in production of mainly Alpha brainwaves. When you find yourself lost in a daydream, staring absentmindedly into space, you’re actually in a light state of meditation.

Your brain has boosted up production of Alpha waves as a by product of this state. The brainwaves produced would likely fall somewhere around 12Hz, perhaps a point or two higher or lower, but in the general range of 12Hz.

LifeFlow 10

The LifeFlow 10 track is a 10Hz track, so it encourages the brain to descend to a state somewhat below that of a common daydream. You may wonder then what the tangible differences would be between this state, and simply losing yourself in a common daydream. And the differences would be many.

From a physiological standpoint, the breathing would probably become somewhat slower and possibly a little deeper. There is a common claim that the blood becomes more highly oxygenated, but that is not really the case. The blood is normally very close to its maximum state of oxygenation when a person is breathing in the usual manner.

Even if you give someone a tank of oxygen to breath from, the actual content of oxygen in the blood (in a normal, healthy person) does not change all that much. To get the blood to carry any significantly higher oxygen levels requires pressurization in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

On first learning this fact some people might be disillusioned | Project MeditationOn first learning this fact some people might be disillusioned because they’ve been told meditation increases oxygen in the blood. It doesn’t, but in fact what it DOES do is much more significant. Meditation, and the accompanying states of consciousness and their attendant brainwave patterns actually produce changes at the cellular level.

This is far more significant than simply putting more oxygen in the blood, this is changing the body at the cellular level in such a way that the cells of the body begin utilizing the oxygen they are exposed to more efficiently, thus requiring less oxygen to get the same amount of work done.

And this is part of the reason why you hear of people who have various medical ailments finding that their conditions improve after beginning a practice of meditation. It is not that they are injecting more of something into the body, but rather the body is improving its efficiency at using the resources it already has.

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So, for instance, you may hear that someone suffering from Emphysema begins to need less and less of their bottled oxygen. It isn’t because they’ve got more oxygen in their system. It’s because on a cellular level their bodies begin making better use of the available oxygen.

Or someone experiencing anxiety or panic attacks, who often feels as if he or she is getting insufficient oxygen while breathing (a common symptom of panic and anxiety,) will find this disturbing sensation is alleviated once they begin a practice of meditation.

The Deeper Levels Of LifeFlow

There are other changes besides breathing and oxygen that occur during meditation. But the point I’m trying to make is that this improved functioning occurs in increasing amounts the deeper one goes in their states of consciousness.

The deeper the state of consciousness, the slower the brainwaves, and the greater the improvement of the physical functioning of the body, not just superficially, but clear down to the cellular level (and perhaps even deeper than that).

The LifeFlow program is a powerful aid to reaching those deeper states incredibly faster than practicing meditation alone | Project MeditationThe LifeFlow program is a powerful aid to reaching those deeper states incredibly fast, much quicker than practicing meditation alone. Some of you may find a light state of meditation brings you exactly what you were seeking so you have no interest in going deeper. In my view, that’s fine. There’s no need for you to feel like you must get to something better.

Then again, many of you will realize that if there is something more; something that leads to even greater peace and well-being, or a greater spiritual connection, you would like to pursue it. Having a series of tracks that target deeper brainwave states gives you the ability to do just that.

Maybe think of using the LifeFlow program as like climbing up a ladder. One of the keys to moving up this ladder is spending time at each level. The rung or state of consciousness has to get to the point that it feels familiar and “normal” before you can really move on to the next stage. And this means spending time there.

This is another reason why a program of progressive entrainment tracks is beneficial. If harnessing your brainwaves permits you to reach and remain at deeper states of consciousness for longer periods of time, you shorten the length of time it ultimately takes for any given state to begin to feel like your new “normal” state.

You will achieve the greatest benefits by using the LifeFlow program as they have been carefully designed and created for you.

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Project Meditation
Project Meditation

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