There can be nothing as frustrating as going to bed desperate for a good nights sleep and then lying there, wide awake as your mind races through the days events. All of the problems that you experience regularly seem to form together in an endless list of anxieties and these race through your mind plaguing your attempts to sleep… mortgage payments, bills, the argument with your partner… no wonder you cannot sleep.

Sleep deprivation (like insomnia), especially over a long period of time will only ensure that the usual day to day tasks start to take their toll. Tensions and irritabilities can only rise as normal patience and ways of handling daily problems begin to slip.

18 million prescriptions for insomnia written every yearApproximately 25% of all adults suffer with insomnia but worryingly there are approximately 18 million prescriptions for sleeping tablets written every year but this is not necessarily the answer for alleviating sleepless nights over a long period of time. There are much simpler and healthier ways of obtaining a good nights sleep without the use of prescription drugs.

Many people advocate the use of music before they go to sleep especially if it is something mellow and relaxing; the solution to the problem though is very much on an individual basis and what works for one, may not work for another. Simple things like not watching the TV whilst in the bedroom can improve the situation dramatically as this can help the brain to consider the bedroom as a place to sleep and to stop the brain from being over-active.

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It is worth trying a variety of methods and the following are tried and tested natural insomnia solutions:


Increase the amount of exercise undertaken each day

Increase the amount of exercise undertaken each day and this will naturally make you feel more tired and relaxed for when you go to bed.

Essential Oils

Pure lavender oil is wonderful for aiding a natural sleep

Pure lavender oil is wonderful for aiding a natural sleep. Place a few drops in an oil burner or inhale deeply from a few drops on a tissue. Lavender has a very relaxing sedative quality and it can lead to some peaceful dreams.

Breathing Techniques

Learn a few different breathing techniques to try once you are in bed. Focussing just on the breath will help you to stop your mind from wandering and will naturally calm you.

There are many different breathing techniques that you can find on the internet that will help you to relax before going to sleep so go check them out!

Alternatively, if you want a proven and tested method have a look at the 4-7-8 technique by Dr Andrew Weill in the video below. It has been described as a ‘natural tranquilizer for the nervous system’ helping to quickly reduce tension and allowing the body to relax…


Meditation is a wonderful process to aid in a good nights sleep

Meditation is a wonderful process to aid in a good nights sleep. Even for those who have never attempted it before, it can provide an easy way of letting go of any anxieties or problems and totally relaxing the body so that sleep comes naturally. It also creates a wonderful sense of inner peace and can help to quieten the mind.

Audio CD’s for Sleep.

These can be very useful as they use hypnotic suggestion to allow for deep sleep and can take the focus of the mind away from the mundane so that the brain in essence becomes trained to let go of conscious thought.

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Project Meditation

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