More and more doctors are prescribing meditation healing techniques for curing many stress related illnesses. Stress has been shown to be the direct cause or significant contributing factor to many chronic diseases and conditions and meditation healing techniques have been scientifically proven as a safe and therapeutic way to balance your physical, emotional and mental health.

You have probably heard of the mind/body connection. Actually, it’s not a “connection” at all since that implies that the mind and the body are separate. In reality they’re not separate at all, any more than you can separate music from an instrument that makes a sound. Ancient healing techniques all involved the mind as critical to healing. In modern times, the Placebo Effect has been proven to be as effective as medical healing in curing many afflictions.

And so, a simple meditation practice can keep you healthier, and speed up healing of injury, illness and even chronic disease.

Let’s touch on the Placebo Effect for a moment because this is a phenomenon you can activate during meditation. Placebo comes from the Latin, “I will please.” It’s a fascinating phenomenon whereby a patient believes that a treatment will work, regardless of whether the treatment is real or not. Many experiments have been done with sugar pills and other ineffective substances in place of medicines – and the results were startling: the person’s expectation of being healed, caused the healing!

For example, let’s say you have a headache. You take an over-the-counter pain reliever and your headache subsides. You expect a pill to treat your headache, knowing that there will be a chemical reaction in your body that will cause the headache to go away. But what if you were convinced that a glass of lemon water would do the trick more effectively than a pill that could have potentially dangerous side effects? What if someone like a doctor said to you, “this is absolutely as effective as any pill” – and because you trust your doctor, you believe him/her? You drink the lemon water… and somehow activate the body’s own chemistry to cause effects similar to what the pain reliever may have caused?

Natural meditation healing techniques

In one study, people were told they were taking a stimulant, when in fact they were taking an inert substance. After taking the pill, their blood pressure went up, their heart rate increased, and they felt more alert and quick-responding. When they were given the very same pill and told it was a sleep aid, they experienced increased drowsiness and easily fell asleep!

The key here is belief – if you expect results, and believe you will have results, you will have results. This can go both ways! If you expect to have negative side effects from a medicine, you are more likely to experience them than if you believe you will have no adverse reactions!

In meditation, you can use perfect health as a point of focus.

Natural Healing with Meditation…

A simple meditation practice can keep you healthier, and speed up healing of injury, illness and even chronic disease.

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You can use this guided meditation to improve your health:

Sit quietly until your body and mind relax. Feel a deep relaxation come over you.

Do a body scan where you imagine the trillions of cells in your body as being tiny little rooms, each one lit by one bright light bulb. If you are feeling ill or injured, the affected cells are dark. It’s hard to do any work in the dark, so your cells have a hard time performing their normal functions. You have to “turn on the light” to get them to function properly, and that’s easy to do – just flip the switch!

Now, imagine you move through your body, starting at the top of your head and moving down. One by one, you flip the switch in each dark cell and light it up. The light is healing… warm… loving… strong… supportive… and as you light up each cell, it becomes vibrant and filled with this amazing vitality and energy, and its normal, perfect functioning is restored.

Continue moving downward through your body to the soles of your feet. Pause, and observe your body. How alive and light it is, now! How beautiful, this brilliant healing light!

Now, begin to move back up your body, letting your intuition guide you to areas that may still be darker than others. Spend a little extra time in these areas, flooding them with brightness, light, joy, fun, happiness and most importantly, love and appreciation for the amazing work that your cells do without pause, without struggle and without complaint.

How magnificent is this body of yours?

Continue moving up through your body until every single cell is illuminated.

You can repeat this cycle as many times as you wish. Once your entire body is illuminated, bask in its perfect health for some time before returning to a normal waking state.

Then, go about your day, periodically appreciating your body, and showing it appreciation by eating the best foods, exercising and allowing yourself adequate rest.

Meditation is natural and simple

A daily meditation practice will stimulate the body’s parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for healing and maintenance operations in the body. In part, this function is performed during sleep, but since many people don’t get enough quality sleep, it’s a good idea to have one or two focused periods of relaxation during the day when you can shut down upsetting thoughts so they do not cause a stress response.

Meditation is natural and simple to incorporate into your daily life and can save you from taking dangerous chemical drugs which damage the body. Please begin wisely as you learn to use your innate meditation healing abilities: use meditation as a complement to prescribed medical treatment, and do not discontinue any prescribed medications without your doctor’s consent.

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    • Thank You

      Thank You, for this information.

    • Betty

      What is the cost of LifeFlow 10 in Canadian dollars?

      • Project Meditation

        Hi Betty,

        Thank you for your interest in LifeFlow 10, please use this link (to a very popular currency exchange website for an approximate figure in CAD) this will give you a good indication of the price of the track in your currency (It is around 10/11 CAD with the special offer).

        Hope this helps, If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch.
        Have a great day!

    • Michael

      I’ve bought LifeFlow10 track years ago. Your current release of this same track sounds better although it’s the same soothing music. More bell sounds and not so much water sounds. Do I need to buy this current similar track again? Or can I get an exchange? Please advise. Thanks so much.

      • Project Meditation

        It’s really great to hear from you Michael and we do hope you’re well and continuing to enjoy the benefits of Lifeflow Audio Technology.

        Please rest assured there is absolutely no difference in the Lifeflow program you already purchased and the one currently available today on the Project Meditation website.
        The only changes being made are to the look of the website, form, facebook page, blog etc
        It could be that since you originally purchased, our free demo has changed.
        We hope that this will only enhance user experience!

        Thank you for your continued support and loyalty …. it really is appreciated!

        For more inspiration, support, ideas and useful information regarding meditation, feel free to head over to our world on Facebook.
        We look forward to continually inspiring and supporting you on your journey and would love to hear any of your feedback, thoughts and ideas.

        • Julie Klee

          Thank you glad to know this as I purchased the Lifeflow program years ago. Useing it with huge impact.

    • roy

      i used your demo and i experienced a real peace within me,
      my intelligence increased and my brain functions at its peak<<
      but after some weeks,
      i experienced some kind of feeling of not working the demo and i experienced a great pain in my right ear<<

      why,, please help me

      • Project Meditation

        Hi Roy,
        Thanks so much for your post. It’s always wonderful to hear when someone really enjoys and benefits very quickly from the 8 minute meditation demo.
        The demo can be listened to for any length of time Roy but after a while, yes, you’ll have learnt how to entrain successfully to that chosen frequency and will feel ready to move on.
        With regards to experiencing any pain in your right ear, please do be assured that this would not be the result of listening to Lifeflow Audio Technology, though if a problem presented itself at the same time that you’ve been listening to Lifeflow, we can understand how a connection might be made. If you wish to get in touch with our support team, explaining how you’ve been listening (volume, with or without headphones, with any extra filters such as bass, treble, dolby etc switched on) so far, we might be able to better assist you. You might also find it reassuring to speak with your doctor so as to eliminate any further doubts.

        Have a wonderful day 🙂

    • vaidy bala

      Thanks for free beautiful description of meditation in 8 min. I just saw the similarity of Loving Kindness Mediation, we are taught in the Buddhist tradition, thousands of years of proven technique, given mostly free. I am certain, no matter what the aspirant has to to do these exercises as Olympic Pre-Runs, with such intensity otherwise it is like taking a head ache relieve drug, does and done, that is it. If we depend on external gadgets, then one more dependency is created in bondage. The body and its bio-mechanisms area wonderful gift of God, whatever the Name, it is the efficient and intelligent use that determines the outcome. Increasing software-hardware upgrade is good for manufacturers not for users, a least in the spiritual journey. May Every Seeker Benefit from these Teachings. Thanks for reading.

      • Project Meditation

        Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us Vaidy.
        Namaste – the Project Meditation Team 🙂

    • colvinhenderson

      where is my order

      • Project Meditation

        Hi Colvinhenderson, Thanks so much if you’ve recently placed an order with us. We will have someone email you to help you further with your enquiry.
        Namaste – the Project Meditation Team 😉

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