Most of us dream of greater riches. It’s a great goal, for everyone! Some believe that wealthy people are unspiritual, but in reality, being wealthy is not a bad thing. Wealth just amplifies who a person already is inside. Good people use their wealth for good.

Think of all the good you could do in the world with more money. What are some things you could do today to make the planet a better place? Some of those things don’t require money at all, but some do. The more you have, the more you can contribute.

But there’s also more to riches than money. There’s also the incredible freedom of TIME. Time is something that we can’t get back, so having more money allows you the luxury of spending your precious time on things that are truly meaningful to you.

the luxury of spending your precious time on things that are truly meaningful to you

Here is a list of things that very wealthy people almost always do, and people who are struggling financially do far less (arguably because people who are struggling may be working longer hours), but not everything on the list takes any extra time or effort.

If you adopted one of these habits every month, how would your life change?

  1. Work on eliminating self-defeating beliefs, thoughts and habits.
  2. Direct your thoughts to what you want, instead of what you want to get away from.
  3. Focus on accomplishing some single goal.
  4. Exercise at least four days a week.
  5. Practice gratitude every day.
  6. Use your commute wisely: listen to audio books, foreign language audios, etc.
  7. Keep a to-do list.
  8. Do more than your job calls for.
  9. Read non-fiction books for education, especially those related to your dreams.
  10. Volunteer.
  11. Make Happy Birthday calls.
  12. Have a routine to ensure you don’t procrastinate. For example, Monday morning is bill-paying day. Period. No excuses. Tuesday is clean-the-bathroom day. Just do it.
  13. Eat well. Nutritionally, “garbage in, garbage out” will result in having less energy and vitality to do what it takes to create wealth and enjoy life.
  14. Write down your goals and visualize them DAILY.
  15. Don’t always say what’s on your mind… unless your intention is a win-win solution.
  16. Network. You need people to help you achieve your goals!
  17. Watch one hour or less of TV every day.
  18. Be a lifelong learner.
  19. Wake up two hours before work starts and spend that time on your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional needs (in other words, practice self-love): exercise, read, meditate, pray, hone a skill, etc. Don’t use this time to catch up on household chores because guaranteed, you’ll be too tired after work to do these important self-love things.

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How can LifeFlow help you with these habits?

For starters, pick ONE that you can do immediately without a major disruption to your daily routine. For example, daily gratitude. You can practice gratitude when you wake up each morning and just before you fall asleep every night.

Next, spend some time when you’re in a relaxed frame of mind – for example, at the end of your meditation – doing nothing but visualizing yourself doing one of the more challenging habits (like exercising at least four days per week, or waking up earlier than you’re used to).

Just that – visualize yourself doing it. Don’t worry about taking action yet. Over and over, mentally rehearse yourself doing this thing… until one day you feel compelled to actually DO it.

Free 8 Minute Deep Meditation

Project Meditation
Project Meditation

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