I want to make sure you clearly understand, whatever you experience with LifeFlow meditation it is exactly the right experience for you.

You may be enjoying fantastic results already. You may have experienced amazing and pleasurable feelings. Maybe you have no big experiences.

With regard to the overall long-term results you will achieve, it really doesn’t matter.

If you have trouble getting comfortable; masses of thoughts invade your meditation; you feel bored even, it doesn’t matter – these experiences are often the most productive meditations in terms of the releasing of stresses in the nervous system.LifeFlow Meditation Is Causing This... | Project Meditation

Despite the fact that these meditations don’t feel as enjoyable as the times you may go into a deeply relaxed state or even experience a euphoric feeling, you are still just as deep when you feel uncomfortable.

Whatever you experience during LifeFlow meditation is coming from your unconscious mind; from within you and your tendency to resist or allow what is happening, to release your backlogs of stress and suppressed emotions. Whatever happens for you is the right way for you to clear away the built up debris and enjoy inner peace, happiness, self-awareness and so much more.

I want to make sure you don’t get side-tracked and fall into the trap of thinking the purpose of LifeFlow meditation is for the experience you have while listening to the various levels.

Release Backlogs Of Stress And Suppressed Emotions

And clear the way to enjoy inner peace, happiness and self-awareness…

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You may experience euphoria and bliss and expect this to happen every time.

On the other hand, you may experience, (as a small percentage of people do), feelings of discomfort, anxiety, fear or even headaches and mistakenly think that LifeFlow meditation is causing this… LifeFlow is a stimulus, but the reaction (bliss or discomfort) always comes from within you.

I want to remind you about something really important!

Most people don’t like change and feel threatened by it. They feel comfortable and safe just the way they are – even if this way does not serve them well.

When change occurs, fear and the resistance to change follow – even if it appears obvious that some benefits would be gained.

Whenever people resist something, they inescapably experience discomfort and suffer. Always remember whenever you feel any discomfort in meditation, it simply means you are resisting and it is the resistance itself that is causing the discomfort.

The solution to resisting is to simply and unemotionally observe | Project Meditation

The solution to resisting is to simply and unemotionally observe your thoughts and feelings with unattached curiosity. Simply accept whatever thoughts and feelings you experience, and just observe them, unemotionally. Just be aware of them and watch them with great curiosity and indifference. When you consciously and calmly observe anything that does not serve you well it will simply fritter away.

A great tool to help deal with this resistance is the Sedona Method, created by Hale Dwoskin. Read more about Hale’s simple but very effective technique by clicking here.

The purpose of LifeFlow is to gradually allow the release of backlogs of stress and suppressed emotions, raise your personal stress tolerance levels, allowing you to grow physically, mentally and emotionally, helping you to become the best you can be.

Quite simply, it will open up a whole new way of thinking and feeling. It will create in you inner-peace, happiness and a passion for life.

5 Free Advanced Meditations | Project Meditation

Project Meditation
Project Meditation

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