None of us plan to arrive home tired, stressed or irritable because of daily pressures in the workplace or within the home and so, being creatures of habit we tend to create patterns to alleviate the stresses of the day.

Calling in the gym or taking a walk can really help shake off stress and change your state. Five to ten minutes of gentle deep breathing, meditating or simply chilling out while listening to Classical music or your favorite LifeFlow track is a great habit to create so you can unwind and leave behind the stresses and strains of the day before you enter home.

Taking time to wind down and let go of the stresses of a busy work day can not only make your evening far more enjoyable, it can also ensure you get the kind of sleep your mind and body desires and deserves. Not to mention how much it can help your relationships.

All too often people turn to alcohol to unwind and of course a glass or two of wine with a meal is really enjoyable on occasion.

turn to alcohol to unwind

Sadly, for many, the habit can soon become a glass or two before the meal or before even arriving home… and then the repeated “just one more” and the final one “to help me sleep”.

Now, alcohol may cause sleepiness, however, it can play havoc with your sleep cycle and here’s how…

Alcohol or drug use may render a person unconscious, but such chemicals in the body tend to prevent the brain from moving into certain levels of brainwaves. That’s why when a person gets drunk, passes out, then wakes up later, they often report they do not feel rested.

This is because the chemicals in their bloodstream have not permitted the brain to follow its usual path through the various brainwaves states. They’ve restricted that movement resulting in sleep that is not fully recuperative.

Taking just that little bit of time to wind down can help you to enjoy your evening more, sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed, energized and ready to enjoy another new day.

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