All of us experience concerns and frustrations in the course of our normal, day-to-day life. You’ve probably felt a few of these today; things like a busy commute to work; making it to our destination on time; the skyrocketing cost of living; job security; health challenges; relationships, both within the home and at work; random acts of rudeness, or even violence.

These are all rather negative things, and are obvious sources of stress.

But not all the sources of stress in our lives come from negative events.

They come equally well from positive ones, such as getting a promotion at work; buying that new car or home; the birth of a child or grandchild; going out on that first date with a special someone; or how about those wedding plans?

Did you know that even something intended to be rejuvenating can be a source of stress? For instance, all the planning and the eventual execution of that vacation or holiday can be very stressful. All of these things are positive events, and yet they can promote the production and release of stress hormones just as effectively as negative events do.

It is important to understand that our stress hormones serve a vital purpose, which is to prepare our bodies to fight or flee, often referred to as the “fight or flight” state.

However, this state was only intended to last for brief periods. After the immediate situation was resolved or the danger passed, the hormones should be used up and our physiological and mental/emotional state should return to normal. Things slow down again.

But in our modern age we are subjected to various stress situations on a near continuous basis. We don’t have to fight or run from the occasional cave bear or sabre-toothed tiger to protect ourselves anymore, but we do have to deal with watching the price of our stock portfolio plummet and our retirement savings disappear.

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Because our list of stressors is so long in the modern world, our bodies rarely get an opportunity to stop producing stress hormones, leaving us in a state of perpetual fight or flight.

A good analogy is to think of the accelerator and brake pedals of a car. When we need to go faster, we press the accelerator. When it’s time to slow down we take our foot off the accelerator and we press the brake. We speed up, and slow down, speed up, and slow down. This is just how our stress hormones should work as well. When there is an urgent need, we produce them. When the need has passed, we stop producing them and instead, we produce the hormones that bring back peace and calm.

Because we live in a world of constant bombardment by stressors, most of us experience only the “accelerator” phase, without ever touching the brake.

At best, if we are aware that we’re becoming too stressed out, we try to self-talk ourselves into calming down. Even as we make the attempt, life’s little stressors are still pushing us to produce more and more stress hormones. It is as if we were driving our car and pushing on both the accelerator and brake pedals at the same time. This constant state of conflict between the two only further exacerbates our stress and anxiety.


Is there any solution?

How do we take our foot off the accelerator and apply the brake?

It turns out that the answer lies in learning how to directly influence our brainwave states. Although you cannot simply alter the nature of modern life, you can counteract the effects of stress and evoke your own natural resources by resting a little in the peace and tranquility of beneficial, lower brainwave states.

So how do you train your brainwaves to naturally slow down in these stressful times?

One very simple solution is to just relax or meditate a little time each day while you play LifeFlow® quietly in the background.

We recommend that you listen to the demo for seven days, allowing yourself to enjoy the experience of peace and tranquility. It’s important to listen to the whole track because it initially takes approximately 8 minutes for the entrainment to reach its full effect. With regular practice you will become more and more proficient at entering these beneficial states which can then be reached more and more quickly within a few moments.

In the beginning, you may experience the peace and tranquility for only seconds, or it may last for many minutes. Even just a few moments in this state carries with it tremendous benefits.

As you progress, this feeling of peacefulness may follow you throughout your normal daily activities for longer and longer periods of time. Whatever the duration of time you remained in tranquility, your mind and nervous system were afforded some much needed rest. Peace and calm may begin to assert themselves in your life. In short, you may reap the rewards on every level of your being, and these rewards can carry with you out into your daily life.

OK, if you’re now ready to listen to the demo, sit or lie down, get comfortable and make sure you are somewhere that you won’t be disturbed.

Entrainment tracks should never be played in a moving vehicle or while engaged in any activity that requires you to maintain an active outward focus for safety reasons.

To make use of all the unique features of LifeFlow®, you may wish to listen using a pair of headphones, though because of its cutting edge design, these are not an absolute requirement as they have been in the past with other entrainment products you may have listened to.

don't stress, meditateTurn off your phone and any other devices or equipment that might cause disruption. It’s preferable if the lighting is somewhat dim or even off. Don’t worry. This will only take a few minutes and the rest of the world will get along just fine without your participation in it for that little bit of time.

Now, press play, close your eyes gently and take a comfortably deep breath in.

Pause just a moment, then let the breath out just slightly slower than normal. And relax.

Again. Breathe in. Pause a moment. And let the breath go just a little slower than usual. And relax.

Once more. Breathe in. Pause. Breathe out. And relax.

At this moment, if you already have an established technique for meditation, you may begin practicing it while the LifeFlow® track plays quietly in the background. The entrainment waves will guide you into lower brainwave states conducive for meditation and help you to remain there more consistently than you otherwise would.

If you do not practice meditation, just remain as you are, relaxing, breathing, relaxing, and breathing, until the track has finished playing. You may then rouse yourself and go on about your daily activities. Or, if you would like to continue on a bit longer with your relaxation or meditation practice, you can play the track again, or put your player on loop mode so that the track automatically repeats.

At any time while listening, should you need to return to your full waking state of consciousness, you can do so immediately, without fear of feeling groggy or fuzzy headed. Your mental state will be calm, and your mind completely clear.

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Project Meditation

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