How To Rediscover Our Sense Of Self-Worth…

We all have times when we feel doubt about our own abilities and lose faith in our sense of purpose. Because the demands of both family and careers can add ever increasing pressure to our lives, it is no wonder that self-doubt becomes a constant reminder that we always have to improve to be able to succeed in life.

We place too much emphasis on winning and achieving great successWe place too much emphasis on winning and achieving great success in life rather than consider our lives on a more natural and basic scale. We want to have perfect lives but we think about failing because we have faced some impossible tasks, so we end up feeling frustrated and angry with ourselves.

If we really wish to be happy and to feel a sense of self-worth, then we just need to tap into our individual worth by focussing on our unique strengths and spend less time striving for goals which are impossible to achieve.

Self-doubt can and will lead to less focus but if we set ourselves goals which we really wish to achieve, then it helps us to reach our full potential, because nothing should be able to prevent us from succeeding.

Change Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

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If we wish to reduce our self-doubt but increase our capacity for achieving goals within our own remit then the following suggestions may be useful…


affirmations can help to eradicate poor confidence

These are simple statements which can help us to believe in ourselves. When we receive many setbacks in life, it understandably knocks our confidence; affirmations can help to eradicate poor confidence. Simple affirmations could be ‘I will be happy and content in my life’ or ‘I am a confident and worthwhile person’. They should be written always in a positive slant and state what you need to hear.


Meditation can be wonderful for replenishing a waning sense of self-worth

Meditation is a safe and natural way of reducing stress and feeling relaxed and centred. This is especially useful after a long and tiring day but it can help to improve sleep, combat anxieties as well as be used for emotional or physical healing. Meditation can be wonderful for replenishing a waning sense of self-worth.

Make Goals

Making realistic and obtainable goals can help us

Making realistic and obtainable goals can help us to not only improve our focus but strengthens our resolve in life. We all need focus whether it is spiritual, physical or emotional needs that are to be met. If we can work out what we need the most, then it is easier to narrow our focus so that it becomes achievable. This will also serve to make us feel more worthwhile and will raise our self-esteem.

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