Did you know that your perspectives, values, beliefs and the way you behave and react operate constantly and unconsciously outside of your conscious awareness? All these things are a synopsis of your whole life and were created to keep you safe while you were growing up and powerless.

Any new information that is compatible with your beliefs, values and perspectives are accepted and reinforce your perspectives (whether they are helpful to you or not) yet everything that is not compatible is automatically disregarded or resisted. Some parts of this structure work well for you and bring about the results you want while other parts do not work well for you and give you results you do not want.

You are only capable of seeing things through this structure that you have created until you realize that you now have the power to choose to change.

you now have the power to choose to change

Here’s how you can change the parts that do not work well for you…

Experiencing deep inner peace in meditation can feel very pleasant or blissful for some and a tsunami of relief to others depending on the synopsis of your belief systems, habituated thought processes, pre-programmed ways of thinking, assorted mental filters and mind clutter.

Meditation allows you to see clearly with vision that is not clouded by this structure and sometimes suppressed emotions will surface. The first thing to remember is that the fact they’re coming up at all is a great thing. Those feelings and memories have been buried deep down inside you. You may not have been entirely conscious of them, but they’ve been in there and some of them may have been working on you for a very long time. Now they’re coming out, and as they emerge where you can see them it allows you to deal with them. This robs them of their power to covertly taint your life any longer.

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With this in mind, you may occasionally feel irritable and restless or agitated during meditation. If this happens it means you are resisting something that is trying to surface. It isn’t the actual suppressed emotion that is making you feel like this; it is the resistance itself that is causing the discomfort.

LifeFlow has been specifically designed to allow suppressed emotions to be brought to the surface graduallyThe solution to resisting is to simply and unemotionally observe any unwanted emotions with unattached curiosity. Don’t try to resist or repress them. They cannot hurt you because they are only a memory – something that happened when you were small and powerless. Simply accept whatever comes up, and just observe it with great curiosity and indifference. When you observe anything that does not serve you well, in the state of conscious awareness it simply loses it’s power and dissolves.

LifeFlow has been specifically designed to allow suppressed emotions to be brought to the surface gradually during or outside of meditation to allow them to be released.

As you observe and let go of these suppressed emotions you will experience the deep inner peace within more and more and it will carry out with you into your daily life.

Once you realize how you can change and improve the structure of the way you experience life through meditation, you can improve the quality of your entire being, your experiences, your relationships, your well-being and your success.

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