Oprah once said…

Life is full of delightful treasures, if we take a moment to appreciate them.

Life can be so busy that we miss the little things of each and every day – and when you think about it, the present moment is everything. It’s like looking always at the forest and never noticing the individual plants and animals that make up the forest. It’s these details that make life delightful and surprising – even the most mundane day can be made fascinating when you pay attention to what’s happening in the moment!

Oprah calls them ahhh moments and has learnt to create them for herself.

“My 4pm cup of masala chai tea (spicy, hot, with foamed almond milk on top) it’s refreshing and gives me a little lift for the rest of the afternoon.”

Try this to bring your attention to the moment.

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If you want, start with a ritual like Oprah does with her tea or you can jump right into the exercise.

First, if you’re feeling stressed or hurried in any way, start off with the above 8 minute divinely DEEP LifeFlow meditation to get into the most relaxed state of awareness.

Next, listen very intently to what is going on around you and try to pick out as many individual sounds as you can.

Challenge yourself to do this in a relatively quiet area without many distractions. It’s easy to pick out sounds when there are many but takes extra alertness and mental silence to do so when you’re straining to hear the tiniest sound. Anytime a thought threatens to interfere, remind yourself to “listen!”

Why does this exercise matter?

Well it helps you right now, in the present moment, to take your focus away from what happened yesterday and what might happen tomorrow.

In so doing, it relieves the heightened stress that usually accompanies past- and future-thinking.

These moments are powerful and can recharge your mind and body. They will help you to de-stress and reconnect with yourself. It’s amazing what a boost your energy levels will have for the rest of the day after this short practice!

Practicing present moment awareness daily can have a profound effect on your mental and emotional well-being.

Note: this exercise is even more important if you are feeling very busy! Whatever you do, don’t put it off because you’re so busy. You need it desperately because you’re so busy. It will help calm your mind and mentally unplug you from your problems. Try it once or twice a day and you’ll find that throughout your day, you’ll become more attuned to the details and the wonders of each present moment.

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