Haven’t we all had that feeling at one time or another – when we question if we’re here just by chance, or whether we’re here for a reason.

What is your life purpose, do you know yet?

If you’ve ever wondered whether your life even has a purpose, you don’t want to miss this inspiring short video where Oprah interviews spiritual teacher Caroline Myss…

Do any of Caroline’s tips for revealing your true life purpose ring true…

What did you think of her statement with regards to experiencing struggle, unhappiness and/or lack of purpose in your life.  Do you agree that it may just be because you are on a path that is not yours, a path where you seem to be reliving something that did (or didn’t) happen to you in the past and wishing for a different outcome.

Meditation is a great way (in addition to Caroline’s tips of course) for you to open yourself up to your life purpose.

When you free yourself from your expectations and ‘shoulds’. Realize that you are not your thoughts. Are able to achieve clarity and learn to listen to your inner wisdom. This is when you will be more open to exactly why you are here.

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You will hear your soul’s yearnings and these will be far stronger than society’s standards. For example, you will know if you are meant to do something that ‘common wisdom’ says isn’t a viable career.

You will be 100% sure that it’s right for you, even if others cannot make a living doing this.

Give this a try:

Think about something you absolutely adore doing, something that lights you up inside and makes you wish you could spend your time on if money were no object.

What is it about this, that draws you in so powerfully?

What is it about this, that energizes and excites you?

Really think about this for a moment. What feeling does just thinking about it conjure?

Now really relax into this wonderful feeling.

Do this for every single thing you truly enjoy doing (yes, even the guilty pleasures) and you will start to see a common theme, and from this theme, you will come closer to understanding your life purpose.

How to find your life purpose

More than anything, relax. Finding your purpose is not a race. Even if you don’t find that “one thing” that is perfect for you, it’s okay – you might find many.

A long time customer of Project Meditation was passionate about architecture when he was a teenager, but his family persuaded him to do something else because he wasn’t good at math. Eventually he returned to architecture and took a few courses, but he had found that in the meantime, he had developed other creative passions that lit him up.

Today, he is a multi-faceted artist who designs tiny houses, has a thriving photography studio and creates unique wood-printed greeting cards.

In one sense, then, purpose can be defined as experience: you don’t have to experience everything under the sun, but if you throw yourself into whatever experience you are having, with great enthusiasm, then you feel something that people who are stuck in the day-to-day grind will rarely feel… ALIVE!

Have a great weekend and remember… Live purposefully with our FREE 8 minute deep mediation.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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    • Dee

      Great and if Oprah hadn`t butted in so much I`d like to have heard more of what Caroline Myss was saying.

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