The solution to solving problems that you face is not as hard as you might think, in fact the secret to this has been with you your entire life, just sat there waiting to be used, so let me explain…

Imagine a monkey high up in a tree that sees a tiger lurking in the grass. The monkey is frantic about this problem and not knowing how to solve it, the monkey just jumps around from branch to branch shrieking, “tiger, tiger!” You may think, “What can a little monkey do to solve the problem of a tiger?”

It can be like that with human problems too. They can be very frustrating, they can be terrifying and upsetting, and your mind runs around in circles trying to solve the problem, but without actually coming up with a solution.

In fact, the more you try to force a solution to come to you, the less it seems to want to come!

Overthinking is NOT the solution!Overthinking and using the same kinds of thought processes you’ve been using, doesn’t work (or you’d already have come up with the solution).

Here’s a better and easier way to solve the problem.

In the monkey example, one solution would be to relax and do nothing, and wait until the tiger moves on, which it will. Even if the tiger decided to climb the tree, the monkey is much quicker and lighter and could easily stay out of reach.

You can do the same: stillness is a great way to allow inspiration to come to you. Often the best way to gain clarity on a challenge is to remove yourself from it and allow the solution to present itself to you on its own. You need to relax and trust the solution will come.

“Believe it is possible to solve your problem. Tremendous things happen to the believer. So believe the answer will come. It will.”
Norman Vincent Peale

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When you start your meditation, present the problem to yourself as if on a platter. “Here you go, this is what I’m dealing with.” Then visualize the outcome you want, even if you think you can’t ever achieve that outcome. You can! Just not using the same “tried and true” solutions. You have to allow inspiration and innovation, and that will happen much more easily if you shift your focus away from the problem, and put your mental and emotional energy onto the solution or the ideal situation.

Then, let go... Be still... This is the challenging part because we’re used to “doing” and taking action to solve problems.Then, let go… Be still… This is the challenging part because we’re used to “doing” and taking action to solve problems. But just like you have to let the waters of a puddle become clear so you can see what’s at the bottom of the puddle, you have to let your mind become clear.

How do you achieve this clarity and stillness when the problem seems too big to leave you alone? Meditate, relax and play Creative Flow, go for a walk, ride your bike, immerse yourself in something mindless like house cleaning, watch an entertaining movie, hang out with friends…

Your mind is already working on the solution but it needs you to step back and let it do it’s work.

The more you practice this method, the more you will learn to see and accept the answers that come to you – and in some cases, the answer is to do nothing and let the situation resolve itself. Another challenge in our “fix-it” mentality is to let things evolve – sometimes they will spontaneously disappear, especially if you take your attention away from them!

Try it today, with any problem you have. Present it, SEE the ideal situation, and release it to the magnificent power of your creative mind.

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P.S. Here’s how Creative Flow helped Meniyka…

Meniyka Kiravell on Creative Flow | Project Meditation

“The first time I listened to Creative Flow, I felt an influx of relaxation…I could literally feel relaxation hormones flood my system. The gradual subtle effects include a noticeable difference in my creativity and flow, my sense of humour, my way of thinking. I feel like I grasp the significance of things more easily. My strengths and gifts are more apparent than ever. I feel like a light being of enthusiasm and optimism.

LifeFlow has been integral in my transformation over the past year. I’m sure it has contributed to me opening my mind more and pursuing more activities that enhance my path to purpose. I’ve gone deeper into law of attraction, manifestation, integration of our conscious and subconscious sides and so on. I guess the proof is in the pudding. Along with the Artist’s Way and other great resources including LifeFlow I wrote my first music album in years and am recording now in studio. I also picked up painting. My happiness and sense of well being and direction have greatly increased.

Thanks so much for this wonderful product. I now use LifeFlow in conjunction with subliminal messaging which seems to be a rad combination as well.

Best Wishes and Thanks from the heart,”
Meniyka, San Diego, California

Project Meditation
Project Meditation

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