Happy New Year To You & Yours From The Entire Project Meditation Team!
Why not make your new years resolution 2018 be a real life game changer. 

With each New Year comes those all important resolutions but sadly most resolutions peter out after about a week, so here is a brilliant hack for greater success. Brian Tracy says that you have a 1000% greater chance of achieving your goals if they’re written down.

The perfect quote to inspire you for new years resolution 2018

I’d like to introduce you to a powerful dream-building exercise perfect for your new years resolution 2018…

This exercise takes just a few minutes, and it can be the single thing that makes the difference between yet another year of disappointment and having to come up with justifications for quitting… and a year of massive success.

Sit in a quiet place with a small journal. I like journals because they have a more intimate feel than spiral-bound notebooks or legal pads, and the “book” feel helps bring all of your dreams together in one place. It’s as if you are writing the next chapter of your life – and you really are!

Play your favorite LifeFlow meditation track. If you don’t have one, listen to this beauty, Close your eyes and indulge in a 7-15 minute meditation to help you calm your thoughts, activate your imagination and unplug from your daily life for a while.

Take this break from the world right now! You know you deserve it. You know you’ll be sorry if you put it off 😉

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When you are ready, put pen to paper and start building your dream list of 25 dreams. They can be big, small, tangible, intangible, “possible” and “unlikely”. I am quite serious when I say, hold NOTHING back. You see, if you give any idea life by writing it down and thinking about it, it can be achieved.

Write it as if it is already achieved. Examples: “I am a successful interior designer.” “I am living with my ideal partner.” “I have a beautiful home in the mountains.” “I am enjoying excellent health.”

If you can’t come up with 25 things, here are some questions to inspire you to RELEASE any negative thoughts about dreams that you “aren’t worthy of” or “aren’t capable of achieving”.

Nobody has to see this journal. It’s a safe place for you to be completely honest with yourself and write down WHAT YOU WANT. It doesn’t have to be a long paragraph. A single sentence will do.

buy a new years resolution 2018 journal

What are some things or hobbies you enjoyed in the past?

Where do you want to travel?

What new things do you want to try? Interested in learning a foreign language?

How would you like to improve your health?

What about a romantic partner – what are you looking for?

Next, write today’s date next to each one, and a target date when you would like to achieve this goal.

Then, write down two reasons you CAN achieve this goal. What wonderful qualities of yours can apply here?

For example, let’s say one goal is to own a successful florist. You may have some negative beliefs around that dream, but your job is to focus instead on two reasons you CAN succeed, such as:

“I am a talented floral designer”

“I am good at spotting bargains (this would be useful when shopping for supplies)”

Do this for every single one of your dreams and I’m telling you the reward is immense. If you can think of more than two reasons, by all means, write them down. But challenge yourself to at least two, for every single dream – especially the big and overwhelming ones that scare you… the ones you find yourself already rationalising your way out of!

Trust yourself… If you can imagine it, you have within you the capacity to make it happen! (repeat that to yourself now slowly and mean it).

Goals and new years resolution 2018

Your final task is to read this journal ALOUD to yourself once a day for at least one month, immediately before you meditate. Then, during meditation, kick back and let your amazing mind pull YOUR inner resources together – your talents, knowledge, experience, ideas, friends, etc. – to make it all happen for you.

You will be absolutely Dumbfounded at how easily you become aware of the “how to” of achieving your own goals, aspirations, dreams.  As you experience success in one area, you’ll strengthen the others and create powerful momentum toward all of your dreams!

We’re only here once,

Yours for HUGE success,

Project Meditation

P.S. We would love to hear some of your 2018 goals and aspirations in the comments section below…maybe we can help each other!

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    • T Koenke Diaz

      Thanks for this blog, Michael. In the past couple of days, I was actually thinking of doing something exactly like this. Printing it up and having it in my planner over the week will actually help to make it happen. Happy New Year to you and the Project Meditation Team!

      • Project Meditation

        We’re really pleased to know it helps in getting started with this new year full of adventures and present moments to be cherished Theresa. We thank you for your continued support and wish the same to you and yours!
        Namaste – the Project Meditation Team 🙂

    • Iftikhar Ahmed Khan

      Wishing HAPPY NEW YEAR to the Project Meditation community. May Love, blessings and light follow you in all you do.

      • Project Meditation

        Your wishes to the Project meditation community are much appreciated Iftikhar.
        Namaste – the Project Meditation Team 🙂


      Your are great and continue in 2017.God blessings.

      • Project Meditation

        Thank you for your comment Tirus. Your support really is appreciated!
        Namaste – the Project Meditation Team 🙂

    • Breno Vilela

      God bless you all in 2018. Thank you, thank you!

      • Project Meditation

        Thank you Breno,
        We wish you and yours the same 😉

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