Did you know that there are a number of incredible guided meditation videos available to all those who find themselves taking stock of things, as Christmas and the end of yet another year nears?

Has this year brought you everything you’d hoped it would or has it challenged you beyond words?

If you’ve ever practised and experienced the benefits of guided meditation videos, you’ll already know how remarkable they can make you feel.

Meditation offers instant respite from any self inflicted negativity by shifting your consciousness, allowing you to view your life in a much more positive and peaceful way. In turn, this eases feelings of depression, anxiety, stress and mental fatigue.

With practice, it can and often does eradicate them completely. 

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These days, we are inundated with various guided meditation videos, designed for supporting those who might be suffering from depression or generally low feelings about themselves and the world around them.

The benefits to those with feelings of mild to severe anxiety, guilt, resentment and stress are astonishing as they can be drastically reduced to manageable levels quite quickly, if practised on a regular basis.

They say that the gift of time is one of the most special gifts that can be given. So at this busy time of the year, we wanted to save you some of your precious time, by sharing with you 5 of the best guided meditation videos we’ve come across that won’t cost you a cent.

First up is this perfect guided meditation, suitable for deep relaxation and those struggling with anxiety, depression, worry and over thinking.
You’ll want to set aside approximately 10 minutes to fully enjoy and benefit from it.One of the best Guided meditation videos

Next up is one of those guided meditation videos that you can easily and effortlessly fit into any type of day, whether busy or not.

It’s called the five minute miracle and it will leave you feeling so much more mindful throughout the rest of your day.

We’re human and nobody is immune to making less-than-ideal decisions. Forgiveness is a craft, of oneself and of others.
Here is a fabulous guided meditation created to help you to firstly forgive yourself so that you can successfully forgive others.

Letting go of thoughts that do not serve us well is an art we will perfect throughout our lives. If we continue to take all of our yesterdays into all of our tomorrows, we will not only suffer past hurts again, we will gravely affect every future present moment presented to us.

This next guided meditation is perfect for you if you’re wishing to gain control over debilitating and intrusive thoughts.

Now for all those who’ve ever wondered A) How many Chakras we have and B) How to activate and cleanse each one, here’s one of the best guided meditation videos we’ve found to share with you. You’ll need to set aside 20 minutes or so.

We’d love to hear what other guided meditation videos you’d like to see in the comments below.

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    • Theresa

      Thank you, Project Meditation! I’m really impressed with your generosity in posting free meditations in a blog for your subscribers. That just wows me and fills me with gratitude. Wishing everyone at Project Meditation the very happiest of holidays!

      • Project Meditation

        Wishing you the very same Theresa 😉
        We appreciate your words ad your time very much as always.
        Namaste – the Project Meditation Team 🙂

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