On Wednesday you may remember us talking about how to be at Peace With Yourself, you can read the blog post by clicking here. Today as promised we have for you a TRIED and TESTED reminder for finding peace within yourself, that you can call upon anytime, anywhere.

It all starts with the deep realization that finding peace is going to become and will always remain one of the highest priorities in your life.

This will be your ultimate strength in everything you do, be and live daily. Those you inspire along the way, whether knowingly or unknowingly will only enhance relationships and experiences around you.

You will want to create a space to sit with your thoughts, on a daily basis. Don’t concern yourself with how long for. This is not important.

This space that you create will be a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed. It will allow you time to sit comfortably and simply observe your thoughts and any inner struggles or turmoil, you’ve been or are still experiencing.

finding peace means finding a quiet space

It’s a place where you can get in touch with your inner thoughts better, without judging them. Be it your car, office, home, a park or a spot in your backyard, any place will do as long as you feel comfortable and secure. If you feel like it, just noting down your thoughts as they come and pass by can be a tremendous weight lifted.

But the number one thing you can do for finding peace that lasts through the days and into weeks, months and years is Meditating.

This does NOT mean booking flights to head off to your nearest Meditation retreat in the mountains. Far from it, you can do it all for as little or as long as you like in that quiet safe space of yours.

Meditation will be your best friend when it comes to having control of your thoughts and emotions. Regular practice will have you choosing to handle difficult situations with ease and calm. An awesome bonus will be that this inevitably decreases obsessive thinking, which most of us suffer from at times. Keeping things in perspective and making accurate judgements will become your new way of dealing with everything.

Don’t forget though… Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Every new day of meditation will build a more and more solid foundation for the next and you’ll see that all your anxieties, tension and other unnecessary emotions make way for positive thoughts. And we all know what thoughts make!

“Change your thoughts and you change your world” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Here is just one fabulous meditation technique, perfect for finding peace anytime, any place.

This can be practiced in silence or if you truly wish to enhance your experience, listen to this at the same time.

Sit comfortably and bring your attention to your breath.
Breathe normally, in through the nose and out through the mouth. This is a great way to connect with what’s going on in your body, because your breath is indicative of your stress level. When you’re stressed, worried, anxious or angry, your breath will be shallow and rapid, and it will be rather noisy. When you’re relaxed, happy, content and peaceful, your breath will be deep and slow, and very quiet.

Just ‘be’ with whatever is going on.
Don’t try to change your breath in order to become more relaxed… it will do that on its own.

Bring your attention to the inhale.
If your thoughts are very loud in your mind, make the inhale a little louder! Notice the pause between inhale and exhale. Then breathe out, allowing your diaphragm to relax and your lungs to empty as much as possible without forcing the air out. Again notice the pause between exhale and inhale. It’s really quite fascinating to pay attention to something you do so unthinkingly most of the day!

Continue breathing like this for as long as you can or as long as you choose to meditate.

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You may feel a couple of things:

  • Your body will start to relax… or not. Some days, this can be a challenging exercise but no matter how agitated you feel, you can benefit from a period of relaxation, even if it takes more than a few minutes for your body to ‘soften’ and start to release any tension it’s holding.
  • Your thoughts will want to intrude (this happens even to the most experienced meditators!). Simply relax and remain consistent regardless!
  • Physical sensations might come and if they do, know that they will leave. Keep breathing.
  • Emotions might and usually will surface and they too will leave. Keep breathing.
  • Thoughts will keep coming. Like the physical sensations and the emotions, they too will leave, making room for some silence (perhaps only for seconds) before new thoughts. Keep breathing.
  • When there’s an interruption, acknowledge it for existing, and deliberately bring your attention back to simply breathing and being quiet but not pushing away anything that arises. Again, some days will be easier than others, and consistent practice helps!

when finding peace, just be, just relax

Being fully present – such as when you’re immersed in a hobby – is another wonderful and effective way.

When you notice that you’re able to shut out the world and be in that joyful, still space within, take note of what you were doing – and do it more often!

The breath exercise is just one way of finding peace within yourself. It will create that attractive and infectious positive ‘vibe’ that not only you will be benefit from. There are many other simple, yet extremely effective meditation techniques to choose from. Pick what’s right for you.

Think “peace outward” instead of “worry inward” and you’ll get it!

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