As you may be aware, Gamma waves are associated with ecstatic states of consciousness in highly experienced and developed meditators. They are also associated with extremely advanced “spiritual” development.

When used with meditation, you will gain the most benefits if you either have some meditation experience under your belt, or have progressed into some of the deeper levels of LifeFlow.

The first question I’m usually asked when I suggest that someone might benefit from using a 40Hz Gamma entrainment track is:

But isn’t that just like a very, very high Beta, and won’t that cause all the problems associated with excess Beta waves?

The question is a good one and the logic behind it is reasonable. Part of the answer for the effectiveness of the 40Hz frequency is because it seems to influence the brain globally at multiple frequencies in accordance with the brain’s own natural rhythms, and triggers a response that is exactly the opposite of those higher Beta frequencies between 26Hz and 40Hz. This is a frequency that has had great success in dealing with conditions such as ADD.

Part of the answer for the effectiveness of the 40Hz frequency may be because it seems to influence the brain globally. By that I mean, when we say your “brain is entrained to 8Hz”, for example, that means that the dominant frequency being produced by the brain is 8Hz. However, 8Hz is likely not the only frequency the brain is producing. It is the primary one, but there are probably splashes of other frequencies being naturally produced by the brain according to its own individual needs at that moment.

connect someone up to an EEG to measure their brainwavesWhat you may not be aware of, and most people who use (and even produce) entrainment products are not, is that specific frequencies of waves tend to be localized and almost compartmentalized in specific areas of the brain. When you connect someone up to an EEG to measure their brainwaves you put sensors on several places on their scalp. That is because you are trying to get readings from the diverse parts of the brain. Beta waves registering in one area of the brain tell us something entirely different than those same Beta waves if they were present in a completely different area of the brain.

If, for example, you listen to a 10Hz track, but you do so with your eyes open so that your optic nerve is actively processing information, your overall brainwave entrainment will be 10Hz, but if you specifically measured that area near the back of your brain you would find that it would still be producing quantitatively more Beta waves because it would continue processing the information incoming from the eyes.

However, if you used a 40Hz track rather than a 10Hz track, you would find its entrainment effects would be more pronounced, even at the back of the brain with your eyes open. That 40Hz frequency has a more global entrainment effect.

By itself this is fascinating, but it gets even better. As you will be aware, I never mix entrainment frequencies within a track. I pick a single frequency as a primary and allow each person’s brain to fill in the others according to its individual needs.

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At 40Hz something very unusual occurs. There is a 40Hz entrainment effect that takes place, but additionally, there is a natural entrainment at levels of both Alpha and Theta that also takes place. The best way to describe it is to compare it to a harmonic interval in a music tone. If you take a “pure” pitch of C, for instance, and you listen to it intently for a bit you will start to notice that there are other, very subtle pitches inherent in that tone of C. You don’t hear them at first. Your ear has to become acclimated to the C pitch, but they’re in there and if you listen long enough in a focused way you will start hearing them. It isn’t your imagination, those tones are harmonics and they really are in there.

In the same way, 40Hz appears to have some natural harmonics of its own and they fall mostly into the Alpha and Theta ranges. This is the one and only way I know of in which you can intentionally entrain to multiple frequencies at the same time. It isn’t artificial and you’re not forcing the brain to accept anything that isn’t natural to it. I suspect it would be more accurate to say that the 40Hz frequency allows the brain to more readily entrain to its own natural harmonics, rather than that the 40Hz tone itself contains the harmonics.

This creates some very interesting possibilities. Because of this multi-entrainment aspect, a 40Hz track can be used for relaxation, meditation, creativity, study, stress reduction, and so forth equally well. Other frequencies tend to work best for more specific types of activities. The 40 Hz frequency is what you might call a “Jack of all trades”.

Combining Binaural, Monaural and Isochronic waves really does give you added dimensions of use where you get the best of all worlds.

Combining Binaural, Monaural and Isochronic waves really does give you added dimensions of use where you get the best of all worlds

Entrainment itself has been used by humans for thousands and thousands of years. The underlying “principle” of entrainment is very old. What is “new” is the technical methods used in combining and delivering entrainment waves. Each wave form has unique benefits, and used in combination, you get all three dimensional benefits. Only in the last few decades have entrainment products been delivered in the nice, digital formats we now have them in. Tapping into this whole other world of entrainment creates endless possibilities.

But to return to the 40Hz frequency, tracks using only Binaural technology that attempt to entrain to any frequency over 30Hz produce no entrainment effect at all, even if they are otherwise constructed properly. Binaurals just don’t work for anything above 30Hz.  Monaural and Isochronic, on the other hand, work perfectly well. In fact they are the only audio entrainment waves that do work above 30Hz.

Both the Awaken and Nirvana Gamma tracks include an exciting new technology which fully compliments and works along side the current Binaural, Monaural and Isochronic tones that adds yet another level of effectiveness to the tracks, allowing you to benefit from all three waveforms.

Because the range of human hearing is between 20 and 20,000Hz I am sometimes asked…

How can the entrainment work without headphones with anything less than 20Hz?

And again, it is a good questionThe answer is, 20 Hz is the limit at which the human ear can resolve a “pitch” from a sound. It is not the limit at which the vibrations from sound can be perceived. Below 20Hz they are simply perceived as beats, not as a musical pitch.

You can prove this to yourself with a very simple experience. Take your finger nail and tap it on a table at the rate of 1 time per second.

Really, go ahead and do it…

Now, did you hear your finger tapping? One tap per second is 1Hz. You heard the tapping of the finger at 1Hz, right? You just didn’t hear it as a musical pitch. You heard it as a staccato beat. If you were a humpback whale, you would have been able to hear it as an actual musical pitch, but since 20Hz is the limit of your pitch discrimination, as a human you only get to hear the beating sounds. But you DO hear them, and your brain DOES entrain to it.

To discover what the scientists say about Binaural, Monaural and Isochronic tones click on the following link: What Exactly Is LifeFlow & What Can It Do For You?

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