Do you have people in your life that seem to enjoy creating dramas? Do you ever think of them as a “Drama Queen/King”? It can certainly be a challenge to be around people who are addicted to drama.

You notice the drama in the car honking his horn because the car in front paused a second or two at a green lightWhen you create peacefulness and calm in your life drama can become very noticeable to you. You may begin to notice the man in the car honking his horn because the car in front paused a second or two at a green light or the woman at the coffee shop doesn’t get the right coffee and becomes so loud that the entire shop notices. You may notice family members reacting to one another or talking over each other. The list goes on and on…

Drama Queens/Kings live for validation. What they really need is your “Presence”, but what they actually want is your validation.

As you witness these types of drama, just observe without getting involved. Be present.

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One of the greatest addictions of today is thinkingMost people don’t listen when someone else is talking. They are busy thinking, evaluating, judging the situation and deciding which answer to give. Presence doesn’t promote this sort of critical evaluation. Presence observes, takes in and accepts, without attaching valuation and distinctions to the objects of its perceptions. Compassion, patience, being non-judgemental and so forth, are all attributes of presence.

Presence slows down the over-activeness of the mind. One of the greatest addictions of today is thinking. People are addicted to all kinds of things. Smoking, alcohol, substances, over-eating, however, the people who are addicted to thinking are not aware of this crippling addiction.

The first step is to become aware. As you experience being present through a little daily meditation, you will be able to enter this conscious state of inner peace whenever you choose.

You can be an oasis of peace even in the midst of the drama’s and challenges of life.

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