You may be wondering how LifeFlow meditation can bring about such instant relief for stress related conditions such as panic attacks, stress conditions, anxiety conditions, high blood pressure and muscle tension. It’s all to do with something called the relaxation response…

Dr Herbert BensonDoctor Herbert Benson founding president of the Mind/Body Medical Institute explains that the “relaxation response” is quickly achieved through meditation.

What Is The Relaxation Response?

To elicit the relaxation response, Dr. Benson recommends that you choose a meditation technique that conforms to your own beliefs. The relaxation response can be evoked by a large number of techniques, including LifeFlow meditation.

Dr. Benson and his colleagues at the Mind/Body Institute in Boston found that the relaxation response is very useful in healing several stress related ailments, including anxiety.

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Here are some of the conditions healed or cured by elicitation of the relaxation response in combination with self-care strategies such as nutrition, exercise, and stress-management:

  • Patients with hypertension experienced significant decreases in blood pressure and needed fewer or no medications over a three-year measurement period (Eileen M. Stewart).
  • Patients with chronic pain experienced less severity of pain, more activity, less anxiety, less depression, less anger, and they visited the managed care facility where they received care 36% less often in the two years after completing the program than they did prior to treatment (Margaret A. Caudill).
  • 75% of patients with sleep-onset insomnia were cured and became normal sleepers. Sleeping also improved for the other 25%, and most patients took significantly fewer sleep medications (Gregg D. Jacobs).
  • Women suffering from symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) experienced a 57% decrease in severity. The more severe the PMS, the more effective the relief with the relaxation response (Irene L. Goodale).
  • Patients who suffered from anxiety or mild or moderate depression were less anxious, depressed, angry, and hostile (Herbert Benson).
  • Migraine and cluster headache sufferers found they had fewer and less severe headaches (Herbert Benson).
  • Working people experienced reduced symptoms of depression, anxiety, and hostility (Dr Patricia Carrington).
  • Working people had fewer medical symptoms, fewer illness days, improved performance, and lower blood pressure (Ruanne K Peters).

Picture yourself arriving home refreshed
All of us have the ability to evoke the great effects of the relaxation response and remember a little daily LifeFlow is the easiest way to achieve this.

Picture yourself arriving home refreshed at the end of the day – instead of being exhausted – because you experienced a little LifeFlow during your lunch break.

How do you get world peace? You get world peace through inner peace. If you’ve got a world full of people who have inner peace, then you have a peaceful world. – Dr. Wayne Dyer

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