Have you ever felt like you’re the victim of your emotions?

We hear time and time again, “he made me so angry” or “the kids made me lose control.”

So how can we learn to use our awareness to overcome such overwhelming emotions?

Best selling author of ‘The Seat of the Soul’, Gary Zukav explains how, in this video interview with Oprah:

Being authentic is a simple, yet not always easy process, according to Gary. We have to agree – it is a simple process, but mastering it takes practice, practice and more determined practice.

Let’s say for example, a coworker said something that upset you and in that moment, you had a choice: to be powerful, or to give up your power.
Being in your power doesn’t mean having power over another person and controlling them, it simply means having power over yourself.

Being Authentic Is So Easy

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Being able to control your responses to situations like this is because you chose to. This is your own super power and Gary offers 3 steps to cultivating it here:

1: Go inside: this means, become aware of the thoughts and emotional reactions you’re having to a situation. This helps you avoid an automatic reaction that you might regret later.

2:. Inject consciousness: Sometimes it can feel like you have zero control of your thoughts, but actually you do: you don’t have to engage in them. With a little practice, you can create a space between the stimulus and your response, and in that space, choose a better-feeling response. In that space (a couple of breaths) you can shift your focus away from “This person hurt me, and I have to get back at her!” to “This person may be acting unconsciously, and I don’t have to respond unconsciously.”

being authentic3: Choose an intention consciously: choose a response, and act from the most loving part of your personality instead of the opposite. This means, avoid reacting blindly from fear or hurt, but pause, and respond from love and compassion. For example, you might say nothing instead of snapping back with a negative comment.

Being authentic power means taking control of yourself, no matter what is going on around you. Even if you can’t control the situation, you can always choose your response to it.

By becoming calmer, clearer and less reactive in your thinking with Meditation, you can always choose a better-feeling response resulting in far happier and peaceful outcomes!


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